As we slowly make our way to the season, we’ll start to share some new names we have discovered over the last six months. Today we’ll drop players who are the tone setters for the team. The Linebackers.

Jordan Kow, East Bay 2021 Hybrid DE/OLB 6-2/205-215: Every now and then, East Bay gets one. Before the erection of Riverview, Spoto, and Lennard, East Bay kept a squad with “Dudes.” It wasn’t uncommon for East Bay to have some of the best players in Hillsborough County. Times have changed but Kow reminds us of some of the Indians that once were. He has great acceleration off blocks, plays on the edge, and slips blockers. We love him.

Evan Graham, Boca Ciega 2021 LB 6-1/215-225: Start talking about South St. Petersburg and Lakewood is the first school that comes to mind and for good reason. We ask you to watch the film on Boca Ciega’s Evan Graham. His change of direction is awesome. He is a quick reactor and can read/react with the best of them. So no, this one doesn’t go to Lakewood. But we ask you to go to Boca Ciega and watch this Pirate.

Edward Williams Jr, Middleton 2021 LB 6-3/210-220: Middleton is a hub for hidden gems. Hidden in inner-city Tampa, Middleton grows some great players who don’t get the publicity as other schools likely due to the lack of overall team success. Edward Williams Jr. is fast, athletic and aggressive. The first clip on his Hudl highlight film is a clip of interceptions returned for a touchdown displaying his athleticism and speed. If you have no plans of attending a Middleton game during the 2020 season, watch this young man’s highlight film. Thank us later.

Jyrin Easton, Armwood 2022 LB 5-11/210-220: Young player we were introduced to this offseason. Overshadowed at times last season by veteran Hawks on the same side of the ball, he’ll get his time to shine in 2020. This Hawk is a “Sideline to sideline” player, great in coverage for a young player and can run like a deer. Better yet, fly like a Hawk.

Edwin Wilson Tara Kolenge, Clearwater Academy International 2022 LB 6-3/220-230: CAI with another one. Edwins comes from Canada and he just looks different doing what he does. All of 6 foot 3 inches tall and violent. Ability to cover sideline to sideline. A really good player in every sense of the word.

Joseph Sipp Jr., Hillsborough 2022 LB/FB 5-11/180-190: It’s on and popping at Hillsborough High School. With a new field turf surface on the game field, Joe Sipp Jr. just got that much faster which is bad news for offensive players. Sipp comes with good speed and finds the football as well as any top backer in the area. If you watch him closely, you’ll also observe his ability to get through and over trash when pursuing the ball. Sipp is a hard-nosed, two-way player with a great bloodline. Keep an eye on him.