Podcast: Discussing if the NBA, NHL and MLB are ahead of the game in developing their sport

The Captain N Denial (Doug) discuss Baseball in depth, to include the two ‘Home Run Derbys’ – the event AND the actual All-Star Game – from last week. We discuss the pennant races along with who will ultimately win and who should start their golf plans for the Fall. Some discussions of upcoming trades and named players on the move.

B stands for Basketball as we delve into the NBA’s Summer League, discussing if the NBA, NHL, and MLB are ahead of the game in developing their sport (and players) more than the NFL. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah… but the NFL DOES have a ‘Developmental League’….

Finally, we put a bow on the NBA as we give the highs/lows of the recent dump of Kawhi Leonard to the Raptors. How will Leonard ultimately retaliate against Coach ‘Pop’ and the Spurs’ Front Office? Just when you thought ‘Euro Football’ i.e. Soccer was over from the World Cup, Denial reminds us of upcoming games yet to take place. And what’s that ‘lingering in the air’? Could it be the scent of ‘pigskin’ about ready to be consumed? The Captain N Denial open up one of their ‘Christmas/Chanukah in July’ presents, as we look at what THEY look forward to for the upcoming NFL / NCAA year.