On the prowl at Durant: Steven Witchoskey

Durant's Steven Witchoskey at E7 on Sunday
Durant’s Steven Witchoskey (left) at E7

He still has two full seasons to continue his development and to display the flashes of supreme athleticism already provided this offseason, but Durant’s Steven Witchoskey may have some options even if he projects to be a really solid player on the gridiron. He currently sits at #19 on the All-BCP Spring Top 30 for 2017 as a tight end, but this 6-foot-2, 224-pounder has also started to develop a role on the Cougars Baseball team that has enjoyed great success this season as well. Witchoskey appeared in 7 games as a freshman on the diamond for Durant, but this season has been placed in the clean-up spot and playing outfield in a much increased role. While he isn’t leaning in one general direction just yet, he made it clear before hopping back into his position drills that whichever sport he can play (if not both) at the next level is fine with him. Makes sense when you see Witchoskey’s change of direction and his core strength that both sports compliment his skill-set rather nicely. He’ll be at Executives based on his performance at Ignite, so expectations are raised for this summer and beyond.