Another Mustang in the stable: Mitchell’s Devontay Taylor

Mitchell's Devontay Taylor
Mitchell’s Devontay Taylor

He popped on the scene his sophomore season when he brought his 6-foot-3, 240-pound frame and added 19 tackles (3 TFL’s) and a fumble recovery from the defensive line position. Plans changed for this potential workhorse last season as a senior-ladened defense took the responsibility with the coaching staff moving him to offensive guard. This past Sunday from the d-line group, Devontay Taylor showed that adding fifteen pounds without losing agility in the process, that when you add the film you see of him blowing up defensive lineman and linebackers from the past season the picture becomes pretty clear; this Mustang’s untapped power could become a polished thoroughbred at not one, but two positions if his coaching staff asks him to make that kind of a contribution. Taylor worked both from the interior and from the edge and won about 80% of his 1-on-1’s showing a really nice lean and an explosive punch; very similar to the one he displays when the ball is snapped on offense when in pass-pro or seeking-and-destroying his assignment when pulling. With Mitchell’s four top tacklers on defense and top three sack-getters departing as seniors, Taylor could be asked to seek-and-destory QB’s in addition to making sure no opposing defenses destroy his coveted prospect QB/WR combo of Larry Dalla Betta and JJ Lewis.