New Atmosphere and Outlook for Top 2020 Class RB Brian Battie

Bradenton, April 24, 2018– If you haven’t already heard of him, allow me to introduce you to Braden River’s newest transfer and Big Baller, 5’8” 165-pound junior, Brian Battie. He delivered big time for Sarasota High in 2017, shattering sophomore National Averages rushing for over 1,200 yards, taking names and collecting 19 total touchdowns on 136 touches! This year you’d better look out for number 6 in his fresh colors, because the Pirates are going to be a PROBLEM in the air and on the ground with their latest pick-up who’s hoping to capitalize in his more structured offensive surroundings.

“From last season I’m stronger and from all the film and things I’ve been studying, my IQ has gotten better, but I need to stretch more, I want to be more flexible and my game would improve a lot from that, also practicing my fieldwork too (in-game situations). This season I’m trying to build off the name I made for myself last season, aiming for more yards, touchdowns, and just working hard for the end goal,” Battie stated. Brian’s ability to scan the field with tremendous vision, compliments his east-west running style, never forgetting to keep those legs turning, courtesy of his speed and strength. All he needs coming out of a hole is a quick one-step juke and his would-be tacklers are sent in the opposite direction, looking only at the back of his jersey; so close yet so far.

Indeed, he did give people something to talk about on paper too, as his stats spoke for themselves racking up 1,227 total rushing yards and took 19 to the house on just 136 carries as a 2nd year player. “I believe one of my best attributes to a team is the Defensive fear I bring, I’m able to take it all the way any given play. Teams will have to worry about more than just the passing game, I’ve got good vision, able to see down the field well, and I’m a smaller back but I make up for it with my strength and quickness.” Needless to say, his old program utilized him efficiently, but he’s excited to be a part of what Braden River brings to the table on the scoring end of things, as well as collectively, being a consistent and dangerous playoff caliber team.

“It’s a new atmosphere transferring to Braden River, I like everything about it- the fan base, new teammates and coaches, bigger better stronger O-line, experience in playoffs, and I’m hoping to contribute with a good amount of carries at a shot for the State championship. Always trying to escalate and outdo my previous season, I’m in the weight room with my team, and on top of school workouts 3-4 times a week, I get my own workout in, my dad’s a trainer and we go out and train together. After high school, the goal is to go to college to play football, my family are huge Florida State fans, if not FSU then hopefully Auburn or somewhere I can work towards completing my dream of going to the NFL. The toughest part is feeling the pressure from your team, of how much they need you in clutch moments and to do your job, but the most fun part is making those big plays, and having fans, family, coaches proud of my performance and I like at my position I get a lot of opportunities to do that.”

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor