Mic’d Up: 10 Questions With Bloomingdale’s 2020 OL Conner Pouchie

Valrico, June 19, 2019- Today we present another camper feature for the middle of your week, with ten questions (give or take a little more curious thrown-in dialogue) for one of the Bulls’ most cherished pieces of their offensive wall- rising senior center and guard, Conner Pouchie. Bloomingdale has yet to post a negative season outcome since Conner’s and former head coach Max Warner’s arrival (who set a school record this 2018 year for most wins in a season at 11-2 and two playoff victories, per Tampa Bay Times). Even with coach Warner’s departure, you can expect that same energy with former defensive coordinator and new head coach, Jake Coulson holding it down for the red, black, and white.

Conner is a 6’1″ 270-pound 2017 first-team All-Conference and 2018 second-team All-Conference center and offensive guard who lives sleeps and breathes hard work; plain and simple. He preaches and works tirelessly at his craft as an interior lineman and it was clear as day in the blazing three-hour camp workout early this June- it’s the little things that make up the big picture. Pouchie is a pure, natural-born workhorse and grasps every aspect that goes into representing what a strong front-line is supposed to carry themselves like.


Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor