Linebackers and Running backs Pop on E7TC Film

E7 Training Camp concluded Sunday afternoon hosted at Southeastern University in Lakeland and the first positions to be evaluated were the linebackers and running backs. 21 linebackers and 16 running backs hit the field running participating in several individual position drills and competitive drills involving the two position groups including pass rush/protection work, open field ability, route running and man to man coverage ability. A number of athletes did really well. However, some popped on film more than others. We had to cut it off somewhere so we chose the number eleven. Below are eleven athletes who continually showed up on E7TC film.

 Matthew Wood, Gaither High School , 2018, LB MVP – Consistency! Again Mr. Wood with an MVP performance showing his ability to cover, pass rush and tackle (Two-hand touch emphasizing body control). Matthew really excelled in the open-field tackling drill where the linebackers were required to meet the running backs at the line of scrimmage with speed and body control finishing with a two-hand touch on the appropriate hip. Wood was masterful at this specific drill. 
 AJ Ruiz, Plant High School, 2019, LB – AJ started to capture the eye during the open field tackle drill rarely getting beat by ball carriers. He then continued to impress in the pass rush drill working the techniques used in the individual drills to get to the imaginary passer.


 Aaron-Edward Racki, Cambridge Christian, 2018, LB – Super interesting. Not the biggest, but used his quick take-off to perform well in most drills. Played with a lot of energy and had a few nice plays in one on one pass coverage.


 Christopher Daniels , Tampa Bay Tech High School , 2019, LB – Absolutely owned the pass rush drill. His spin move was nearly unstoppable. Over and over again he would set the running backs up, get them to lean and spin inside to clean up the imaginary passer. Thing of beauty.


 Vance Jayden Monroe, George Jenkins High School, 2018, LB – Physical player. Take a look at his film when in pads and one will appreciate how this backers plays the game. No pads at E7TC so he had to slow down a tad which in a way helped him stand out by showing his balance and body control.


 Ashton Mincey, Plant City High School, 2019, LB  – At 5 foot 9 inches and 217 pounds Mincey used E7TC to display his athleticism and pass rush ability. Another standout performer during this drill using a few different moves to accomplish the same goal.


Lesley Miller, Tampa Bay Tech High School , 2018, LB – Solid performance by the TBT Titan. However, Miller arguably had the best pass coverage of all the line backers.


Jaquan Hiers, Largo high school, 2018, RB – Most of the running backs struggled to find any running room versus the LBs in the open field tackle drill. But, Hiers showed flashes of great footwork. His pass pro blocking was top notch.


 Jaquell Narine, Strawberry Crest High School, 2020, RB – Slippery ball carrier. Elusive in the open field and also caught the ball extremely well during 1 on 1s.


 Cameron Myers, Durant High School, 2018, RB – The tallest of the running backs at nearly 6 foot 1 inch. As well as he did throughout the day, his attitude in pass protection put him over the top. Attempted to take as many repetitions as possible winning the majority of his contest.


 Ryan Gomes, Sickles High School, 2019, RB MVP – Speedy athlete. Excelled during one on ones. His routes were crisp and he also caught the ball well. Won a number of battles in the open field tackle drill using his elusiveness and footwork.