Ignite Showcase (Xecutives Qualifier)
Ignite is a non padded event, with moderate contact, which will focus on selected football related activities ranging from the 40 yard dash to position specific footwork drills. Ignite Elite Football Skills Combine is open to underclassmen (presently 9th -11th grade) high school football players looking to show off their skills. Many of Florida’s top high school football players have attended the IGNITE Showcase, which has helped to make this event one of the best in Florida. First of three qualifying events for Xecutives.
Breakdown Showcase
Breakdown is intended for High School basketball players with ambitions, goals and dreams of playing College Basketball at any level. Junior Varsity and Varsity Players are encouraged to register and perform. Event will max out at 80 participants. Registration will close once maximum is reached.Big County Preps and Bay Area Hoops talent evaluators will be observing and coaching throughout the event in an effort to seek out talented prospects that can be promoted to collegiate basketball programs. Players will be tested in ball Handling, shooting, lateral movement, balance, 1 on 1 ability, passing, defense and mentality will be evaluated. NCAA DIVISION II, III, NAIA AND JUCO COLLEGES FROM THROUGHOUT THE REGION WILL BE INVITED TO ATTEND TO EVALUATE TALENT.
E7 Training Camp (Xecutives Qualifier)
E7 is a HIGH INTENSITY training camp specializing in exposing talent, skill and will of high school players with dreams of competing at the highest level. The Spring and Summer sessions provides position-specific football drills from respected position coaches and improves each player that participates. The roster is extremely rich with promising freshman, hungry sophomores and freakish juniors. Second and third of three qualifying events for Xecutives.
Bull In The Ring OL/DL High School Team Challenge
Our spring events conclude with arguably the most intense and electrifying event of them all, Bull in the Ring. The big man challenge is more than just lifting, running and tugging. It is a test of will, determination and guts. Athletes will compete in individual event and Team events in order to accumulate points for an overall Team Champion.
Flight 150 Youth Training Camp
We are going to take your average boring youth camp and turn up the knob. The Spring and Summer sessions are HIGH INTENSITY training camp specializing in exposing talent, skill and Fundamentals of middle school athletes with dreams of competing at the high school level. FLIGHT150 provides position-specific football drills from respected position coaches and improves each player that participates. We are going to give the young pups a taste of the future. FLIGHT150 will provide middle school athletes (football players) maximum competition by partaking in several football related drills including agility drills, football position skill work and 1 on 1s.
Xecutives Invite Only Showcase
HERE IS THE “KICKER”: The 3 BCP Competition Series Events (Ignite, E7-Spring and E7-Summer) will conclude with THE XECUTIVES! Xecutives IS AN INVITATION ONLY Showcase where the top performers from Ignite, E7 Spring and E7 Summer will be invited (Free of Charge) to compete at the Mid Summer bash…The Xecutives, which will be the Elite of the 3 Competition events.
9 Route 7 on 7 High School Team Invitational Tourney
The 9 Route 7 on 7 Invitational is a two day non-padded passing event bringing together many of the top passing teams in the BCP Area. Pool play games and championship single elimination tournament are played on Saturday with the Championship Game isolated on Sunday. The popularity of 7 on 7 has grown over the years and 9 Route provides a platform for area teams to compete and improve. This event has grown from 12-32 teams and recently became an Invitational due to the popularity and competition. 16 of the top area teams will be invited to compete each summer. Bright House Sports Network produces a live broadcast of the Championship game which is held on Sunday.
Skillz Training Camp
Time to get polished for the upcoming season. BCP expert coaching staff will work hands on with camp attendees to improve their individual skills and technique. Campers will learn from experienced BCP Area coaches in a controlled, high-energy environment. The goal is to provide unparalleled instruction, tips and tricks to increase campers skills. Each camper will depart having increased their skills and increase their knowledge of their position.
Super Junior Pro Day
Exclusivly for 150 Current 1st – 6th Graders – football players, at each position, from any school. Let’s have a little fun. Super Junior Pro Day is designed to run youth athletes through the exact drills NFL Draft Eligible prospects perform at the NFL Combine and College Pro Days. BCP staff will instruct the young athletes how to perform each drill correctly and record their performance. We will make all results available to each athlete at the end of the event and will crown an Overall Champion in each division. The key is to disguise agility testing, speed and strength with a loose atmosphere and hide it behind a lot of fun.