Lakewood’s Sideline Defender

The list goes on and on. The list of elite athletes to wear the uniform of the Lakewood Spartans. An area of Tampa Bay where the water is just different and the athletes seem to pop up from the surface after a hard rain. Lakewood’s riches may be the area’s biggest export and the Spartans produce high-level athletes for college programs near and far.

Today we’ll take a look at Camari Berry. The 2022 CB (5-10/165-175) shows good awareness, is a solid tackler and has really good anticipation. His hudl film is strong. Full of pass breakups, sideline plays, and energy. He’s able to play both short area and deep zones. Can cover ground upfield and has competitive makeup speed.

On film, he looks undersized even though he is listed at 5-10 which is the average size of a division 1 corner. However, when he needed to make a one-on-one tackle versus a bigger offensive player, he did and never shied away from it.

At times he plays high, stands tall in his backpedal. That is correctable. Not a big deal. He is a quick reactor with a good break-in transition and can redirect receivers in cover 2. He shows a really good feel for route combinations which is a key indicator that he has been coached well, has good eye discipline, uses his keys, and reads well as the play progresses. Overall, Berry is an interesting corner. Surely one to track and keep an eye on.