Lake Wale’s Norman Love Possesses Extreme Talent

Lake Wales, June 21, 2018 – After posting a promising 8-3 2017 season, the Highlanders redeemed themselves immensely with assistance in their 89-man roster depth, recovering from a hopeless 1-8 season just the year before.

If I had to take an educated guess, I’d say two-way player Norman Love was a major key who contributed his part to the team’s recent success at Wide Receiver and Free Safety in his first year as a sophomore.

This upcoming season I expect him to double his production and utilization on the field because his potential seems limitless so early on in his HSFB career.   

Delving into last season, Norman’s MaxPreps highlights show big promise for Lake Wales’ scoreboard; his mature 6’ 185-pound build is intimidating and useful, his precise route-running and his ability to cut off secondary angles.

With his breakaway speed along with his vast field vision and agility in traffic aided him in collecting 431 receiving yards on just 16 catches, averaging 26.9, 71.8 YPG, an 83-yard long catch and tallying 4 TD’s all in 6 games played! A truly gifted young athlete who never shies away from making the most of his opportunities, especially on the road with a 4-1 team W/L ratio compared to the 3-2 Home W/L ratio.

There’s no argument here that Norman Love has been taking names and turning heads in only his first year in the Orange and Black, an upcoming stud on offense to say the least, talented enough to play both sides of the ball, and overall a valuable piece to rely on looking ahead to this 2018 season.

As he solidifies his starting role as a junior, I stand firm on my break-out prediction as Norman progresses into his last two and most significant football seasons- no question he will capitalize on reaching and maximizing his elite potential.     


Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor