It’s Football Friday! The 5 Things You Need To Know For September 13, 2019

As you are all aware by now, not only is it Friday the 13th, but it’s a Full Moon. Could this be the night that everything we thought we knew gets turned upside down? Let’s start howlin’ at the moon a little early then.

  1. Start Your Weekend Off Right: On Wednesday we shared with you some of the most-positive stories we’ve found in the last couple of weeks, and this one shouldn’t be left out by any means. Please read this story by the Palm Beach Post’s Ryan DiPentima about one of the most-special young men out there!
  2. We Didn’t Forget About You: Yesterday we gave you a list of some of the best stories around as they pertain to programs with a great look at going 4-0 this week. The overlying theme of those teams was that their starts are a reflection of a significant change from seasons’ past. Well, we realized that there’s even more of you than we thought. Cases in point are squads like Brooksville Central, and Sarasota. It’s been rough for Central to say the least for well over a decade, having won more than six games just twice since 2007. In that stretch up until this season, they’ve gone 23-86 and 19-80 the last decade. This also includes four 0-10 seasons, but eventually three of those were changed to 1-9 due to forfeitures. Not only do the Bears have a great look to go 4-0 when they host Lecanto tonight, they’ve done it thus far by outscoring opponents by an average more than three touchdowns. The Sailors are one of the oldest schools in the entire state having been established in 1913, but the last 13 seasons haven’t been very kind. They too have won more than 6 games just twice in that span going 34-67. The Sailors will host Titusville, a once proud program from the Space Coast that has gone the way of Independent status this season.
  3. WE NEED YOU JASON VOORHEES: Let’s lay this one out for you in the theme of Friday the 13th. The million-dollar question that’s burning is WHY?!?! do teams go through such winning-droughts especially when they are situated amongst fertile grounds. Perhaps it’s because we need Jason to symbolically slashing the theory of open choice throughout the state and we need him to scare our legislators and local districts back into sending kids to their COMMUNITY school. We found this tweet to be especially interesting. Take a look at Eric Sondheimer, who is a legend in prep sports for 40+ years in Southern California and for the LA Times. When he starts tweeting, people listen. It’s funny (and sad) how accurate this observation is, and even more sad and infuriating that they’re still following “the rules” as they’re written.

4. Take YOUR ATTITUDE Somewhere Else: Here’s the curious case of Willis High School out in the Houston area. It seems someone was having a bad night, decided not to keep that foolishness to themselves, and then decided to project their garbage attitude towards kids that have been standing up in the same section for literal decades. It’s great to see the principal and the admins come to a compromise so quickly, so kudos them. Kudos to the kids and to everyone that got the situation sorted with the exception of the foul soul that complained.

5. COMIC RELIEF: We send you off to the weekend with a laugh. Never forget Arkansas State’s gem of a punt fake against Miami a few years back.