A Few Things To Know: Lakewood vs Boca Ciega

St. Petersburg, September 13, 2019- TGIF folks. You know what that means; Friday. Night. Lights. On this game day, we present you with some brief, notable keys to resonate in the back of your mind; encompassing the two 727 competitors battling it out tonight.

  1. Scoreboard Kings: As we jump into week four games, both of these teams have put up eye-opening numbers on the board. Lakewood (37th state-rank) has been pummeling opponents by at least 40 points in their first three matchups of the season so far, with 131 Points For. Boca (162nd state-rank) has posted similar dominance with 144 Points For, beating Gibbs week 1, 50-6, and SCORCHING Tarpon Springs 88-0 in week 3. Their only loss came from Largo in a seemingly defensive stand-off, 17-6. Sometimes the best defense is a great offense- based on team scoring averages, MaxPreps has Boca Ciega bringing the W to their home crowd with a final of 48-43.

2. D-FENCE: Although this looks to be geared towards an offensive takeover, both programs have nearly or totally shut-out their opponents’ offensive efforts. Lakewood hasn’t allowed a single score on defense, while Boca has only allowed 23 points. The Spartans have accumulated 47 TPG with 37 TFLs, 15 sacks, 11 hurries, recovered 7 fumbles and caused 1 and have one interception; the Boca Pirates have recorded 70 TPG with 24 TFLs, 13 sacks, recovered 5 fumbles and forced 3 and have 5 count em’ 5 INTs.

3. #Winning: To make this game even more highly-anticipated, both the Spartans and the Pirates are coming off big victories and that’s a proven cliff-hanger all in its own right. The adrenaline (and testosterone) will be flowing at mass-quantities in the limelight this evening and it’s one of the better faceoffs Pinellas County has to offer. On paper, this is an all-out-war in all categories; both defenses mean business and Lakewood with their 149.3 receiving yards per game and Boca Ciega with their 227 rushing yards per game should give you the best of both worlds from skill-players.

The Lakewood Spartans (3-0) have an away, non-conference showdown against the Boca Ciega Pirates (2-1) today; kickoff at 7:30 p.m. Go show your support and rep you’re respective colors, everybody!

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor