TAMPA, MAR. 1, 2018 – “A very talented runner as a quarterback who extends plays and finds scramble targets down the field.” Does this sound familiar with anyone getting ready to strategize all their Mock Drafts picks for 2018? If you said “2016 Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson from Louisville.  I’ll take my trivia prize now,” you would unfortunately be incorrect in this instance.

Jackson is indeed talented enough to garner a first or second round pick, depending on who you believe.  Whether you think Jackson will play quarterback in the pros, or transition to skill positions like running back or wide receiver is anyone’s guess.  Previous QB standouts Braxton Miller, Terrelle Pryor, Matt Jones and Antwaan Randle El fell to disparate situations in the NFL; their success (or lack thereof) came with mixed reviews.

However, back to point, we’re not discussing Jackson, as our draft candidate in question is Quinton Flowers from the University of South Florida.  Scouts acknowledge the quarterback has great running skills, yet his passing accuracy detracts from serious discussion he’ll be a success behind center.  At 6’0” and 210lbs, Flowers currently maintains a projected draft rating of at best a seventh round pick / prospective free agent and likely won’t be calling signals for any NFL team, although the CFL or XFL are always possibilities if things go sideways.

Flowers does possess intangibles and illusiveness desired by all teams, such as his stocky build with a thick lower half to go with good speed.  How his body will take the punishment of the NFL is anyone’s guess, but his height/weight compare favorably to former USF teammate Marlon Mack, who was drafted last year in the fourth round by the Indianapolis Colts.  Since he’s known to take care of the ball, another favorable trait working in his favor, teams will hope to see the athlete capable of scoring 41 times via the run.  Of note, Flowers threw for another 71 TDs as the Bull’s quarterback.

This past January, Flowers wasn’t able to quell any of his critics who feel he’s not an NFL quarterback candidate, as he withdrew from his appearance in the East-West Shrine Game due to a death in his family.  Flowers will have to make his case at the NFL Scouting Combine, with workouts for RBs set for Friday March, 2nd and QBs/WRs on Saturday March, 3rd so what day he works out officially may project to whether he’s given up his desire to be an NFL signal caller.  Additional opportunities to shine at his USF Pro Day workout shortly after the NFL Combine affords Flowers a ‘home field advantage’ with familiarity to possibly impress NFL scouts in an opportunity at quarterback should he still desire the challenge.

From then on, it’ll all be up to Flowers’ performances athletically as well as via personal interviews to reveal the type of teammate he may portend to be for any future club.  No matter where Flowers lands, he should certainly turn some heads if given the opportunity.

Jay “Captain Jack” Levy, BCP Contributor