In Your Face Numbers from Patrick Brooks

Patrick Brooks
Patrick Brooks

Let’s take a look and breakdown Plant 2015 RB Patrick Brooks…

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Just one year ago, Brooks rushed for 927 yards on 113 carries. Just missed the 1k mark even without playing the first month of the season due to injury. He tapped out with 5 games over 100 yards on the ground. His best game came versus Fort Pierce Central in crucial 3rd round playoff game on the road. Brooks rushed for a season high, 21 carries and 144 yards and 1 TD. He averaged over 8 yards per carry for the Plant Panthers last year, Easy to say, the Panther offense was glad to get him back from injury.

Lets fast forward to 2014. Plant hit the road early this season traveling up to Georgia to play one of the premier programs in the state. Brooks was held to just 47 yards on the ground, averaging 3.9 yards a tote. Back home the following week, Brooks carried the ball 10 times for 89 yards versus Robinson. That’s a stunning 8.9 yards a carry. After that, he just kept rolling; 122 yards versus Gaither, 195 yards versus Bloomingdale and 294 yards versus Tampa Bay Tech.

At the midway point of the season, Brooks is just 180 yards from matching his season total from 2013. He is currently averaging 150 yards per game and has as many TDs on the ground as he did in 2013 (7). In addition to his effectiveness of as a running back, he becomes a threat catching the ball out the backfield. 969 total all-purpose yards thus far.

Plant has rushed for 1017 yards. Brooks has 747 of those. The Panthers have rushed the ball 138 times. Rex Culpepper, 25 carries; Read and Keaton-Baldwin, 10 carries each; Brooks has 74. Brooks leads the team in points scored with 66. The 4-1 Panthers host 1-3 Riverview on Thursday.