Football: It could happen or what will happen?

What’s gonna happen?

Where do I start? Rodney Adams, Lakewood 2013 WR is still on the table. Many think he is leaning hard towards UCF but little public indication is pointing in that direction. He could visit West Virginia this weekend. If he doesn’t not, he may head to Toledo. If he does neither, ┬áCentral Florida may get them a good one.

Travis Johnson has been quiet about his recruitment after he decommited from Miami. Going about his business very methodically. Visited Cincinnati, had a good time. Will visit Mizzou and hopefully he will have a good time. USF is not out of it by far. Reported to us that Johnson has a very strong interest in playing basketball and football. South Florida and Cincinnati have supposedly expressed that there is a possibility Johnson could play both. Let’s see what chips Missouri puts on the table for Johnson’s visits.

Should Robert Davis give USF a chance? Of course he should. Skip Holtz did not offer Davis, but Taggart did. New regime and it is not personal, but business.

Why the uproar about Connor Rafferty? Well, he was a USF commit until the new staff rescinded his scholarship offer. Sounds messed up when you hear it. However, he was not a Taggart offered prospect. Just throwing this out there, I wonder how much Willie Taggart had to do in 1 month as a head coach (hired on 12/7/12): hang up family photos in the office, answer a thousand emails, plenty of interviews, resume’s, hire a staff, smooth transition in recruiting, plenty of meetings with school administration and boosters, player evaluations and probably some paperwork. Seems like on his schedule and the many kids he had to evaluated, 1 month doesn’t seem like enough time. Connor is a good player and will be fine. ┬áHas offers from Samford, Eastern Kentucky and Buffalo since being dropped by USF.

Haven’t heard much on Armwood QB/TE Darryl Richardson. It’s been on purpose. However, UCLA and Missouri are top options. QB or TE? Likely a TE and has the ability to be a good one. Missouri after Travis Johnson and Darryl Richardson, either would be a pretty good pick up.

Dear any BCS D1,

Auggie Sanchez, Northeast LB is the real deal. He the single most disruptive front 7 defensive player in Tampa Bay. Is he big enough? Yep, 6-3/225lbs. Fast enough? Yep, see the Manatee playoff film. Smart enough? Yep, has over a 4.0 grade point average. He makes plays in every way and a defense can be built around him.