Football Friday Eve: The 5 Things You Need To Know For September 19, 2019

You know we live in strange times when the Navy and all of its intelligence have basically confirmed that UFO’s exist, and that might as well be the 147th thing on our minds at the moment. Whether they’re just confirming what we thought all along or not, perhaps it is that 2019 is already crazy enough we are too tired to care anymore. Either way, strange times indeed.

  1. NOT AGAIN: Yes, it’s happening again. This one comes courtesy of one of the best in the business, Mr. Bill Daley from the Miami Herald. In it, we find a disturbing realization that games will not be played tomorrow night due to a dispute between Miami-Dade and their officials’ association. Whichever side you side-with, just make sure you keep that same energy when it comes time to get these coaches paid, because it’s been past the time already. Read more here:
  2. WELL, NOW THAT MAKES SENSE: We are all busy watching and waiting for our own teams to do their thing this season, but just in case you were wondering how it is that Lakewood has yet to give up a point through 4 games, we’ve found the answer. It’s especially poignant when you consider the team they shutout last week, scored 88 the week before and had 4TD’s called back. Just sayin’….this comes courtesy of Rodney Page at the Tampa Bay Times:
  3. DON’T OVERTHINK IT: If there’s anything we’ve learned from the modern era of football, it’s that we’ve just scratched the surface when it comes to blowing up conventional wisdom and the “old school” way of thinking. Case in point, Kliff Kingsbury kicked FG’s three times inside the 5yd-line against the Ravens last week and lost by six. In this “free” article from the Wall Street Journal by Andrew Beaton and Ben Cohen, they take a dive into sorting this mess out and figuring out why coaches still tend to get wrong more than they get it right, especially when it comes to 4th Down.
  4. THIS ONE IS A DOOZY: Whether you agree with the final decision to take a knee down 21-3 and under a minute to play or not, it’s worth noting that if you DO take issue with it, and firmly so, you might not have read the article. Please check this story out and read every detail for the perspective may change a little bit. Tough times indeed when you’re doing everything you can to keep a roster going, and yet it’s not enough to some.
  5. AND NOW, WE LAUGH! Let’s get you out of here and headed downhill towards the weekend with the always-quotable Mike Leach from Washington State. Come for the humor, stay for the incredible accuracy with which he recalls all of the Pac-12 mascots in addition to his assessments of each of their skill-sets. Happy Football Eve!!