By The Numbers: Hot Start For Lake Wales

Lake Wales, September 18, 2019- Happy hump day people. We’ve got a couple of program-based stat articles for your week as we look ahead of week five ball. Here is a list of stats to know about what Lake Wales has accomplished in this short amount of time (with very talented and skillful help) since the regular season started just a month ago.

37- The state rank the Highlanders hold among the 571 Florida football teams ranked on MaxPreps.

4- The number of wins for the program through the 2019 season thus far; perfection.

14- Lake Wales’ total sack tally through four games, shattering national averages. Four-star ( senior defensive tackle and Florida Gator commit, Gervon Dexter leads the team with 4 sacks and 25 total yards lost. This tally was a collective effort though; ten athletes on the defensive side have at least one sack for the team.

31- The number of total touchdowns the Highlanders have amassed in a handful of matchups this year. 22 of those TDs came from their ground game; 17 of those 22 rushing endzone finds came courtesy of senior RB and Central Florida commit, Johnny Richardson.

290.8- The total rushing yards per game Lake Wales has posted in four games. Johnny leads the core with 51 carries good for 903 rushing yards and is averaging 17.7 YPC through four games, ranking 9th nationally and 2nd in the sunshine state. Richardson ranked number one in the NATION in rushing yards and also had the top spot in the nation in rushing TDs at the high school level with 749 yards and 13 TDs through 3 games.

193.8- The receiving yards per game the team has accumulated from the likes of their top-two receiving leaders; senior WR Norman Love who’s tallied 305 receiving yards on just 11 catches, and senior WR Terrell Parker with 166 yards on just 8 catches.

105- Numbers don’t lie and along with all the other categories that the team has exceeded based on national expectations, this is the number of tackles per game Lake Wales has recorded so far. What’s even more mind-boggling is the 420 total tackles and 60 TFLs they’ve collected to achieve that impressive TPG.

10:0- The ratio senior quarterback Eric Williams possesses with 10 touchdowns to 0 interceptions; he’s thrown for 740 yards, completing 29 of 36 passes and has a total QBR of 160.9. sheesh, Class 5A has their hands full with stiff competition standards like this program.

89-40- The total number of wins vs losses the Highlanders have racked up in a span of a decade (since 2008). Talk about winning culture.

The Lake Wales Highlanders (4-0) will host their Friday night homecoming, non-conference matchup versus the Clewiston Tigers (2-1) at 7:30 p.m.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor