The Next Generation of Sexy Prospects

Exzavieus Roberson, Lakeland, 2020, SAF
A recent transfer from Kathleen, the prototypical safety with a ton of range, physical in run support and very reactive. What jumps off the screen when watching “Zay” play is his ability to change directions in any situation. Kathleen used him all over the place. In every situation whether blitzing, covering in the slot of even in the center of the field, Roberson was never out of position even when it looked liked he would over run the play, take a bad angle or get kicked out the play. Big time potential.

Jonathan Odom, Jesuit (Tampa), 2020, TE
You have read articles on our site or social media accounts referencing the ability of Jonathan Odom. Still extremely high on his ability and maturity. He runs just well enough for a young kid who is scratching 6 foot 6 and still growing. He is just athletic enough to make big plays. Ultimately he will become one of the toughest match ups in the area his senior season. By that time, his athleticism will catch up to his physical growth. Big time potential.

Walter Wilbon, Plant, 2019, RB
This young man has an old school NFL running back style. Not much flash, not the zig zag style which captures the crazy views on social media. Not the speed which jumps off the screen. But, he has toughness, the balance is bonkers and his ability to gain yardage pots contact is “NFLish.” Here’s what you do: Click play below and just let the film run. Don’t fast-forward and don’t stop watching till you hit the 7 min mark. Thank us later.

Michael Weston, Nature Coast, 2019, RB (PRJ DL)
The “Big Kid” syndrome. That rare form of a young man who looks like he has always been the biggest, most athletic, best playmaker on his team since youth league and still doesn’t know he’s not a traditional “skilled athlete.” Ha, don’t tell him that. His film displays something different. His film has that “youth league” feel. He’s just better. He’s better than every player on the field. He’s bigger, stronger, even at times…faster. He shouldn’t be doing that right? WRONG! He should and should do it all the time.

Keenan Hester, St. Petersburg Catholic, 2019, DT/OT
When is the last time any outlet has written about a football prospect a St. Petersburg Catholic? We are guilty…it’s been a while. New day and “The dust has been brushed off.” The prospect goes by the name Keenan Hester. He dominates on film, both sides of the ball. Could be a really good offensive tackle or disruptive defensive tackle at the college level. Issue is, he is playing against kids half his size. Throwing them around like rag dolls. What is not an issue…his speed, length and attitude. He plays his size. He runs like a deer and uses his hands like a carpenter. All of that translates to the next level.