Field Goal(s) -3 points for District 6A-7



Go ahead and pencil Armwood and…
This isn’t a two-horse race this season between the Hawks and the usual suspects Hillsborough. It’s more like a one-horse race for the championship and an all-out slugfest between the Terriers, Brandon and perhaps even King and Chamberlain. During a three week period from the middle to end of October, the battle for the postseason will take shape. Key games include Brandon at Armwood on the 16th, Brandon at Hillsborough on the 23rd and the always-entertaining clash between Armwood and Hillsborough at Chelo Huerta Field in Seminole Heights on the 30th. The bottom line is that there isn’t a single off-week in this district as we start to get better looks at all the squads in this district. Sure, Armwood’s got all the talent they need, but the teams behind them will give us some epic battles this fall.

Defense wins championships…
Obviously it’s about the larger number and the small number on the scoreboard. The defenses from all of these teams feature some high-class talent and the points may come at a premium most weeks, though. Can’t deny there will be some lamp-lighting affairs and that at times some units will look like they couldn’t stop their favorite TV show from coming on even if they turned the channel and broke the remote, but for the most part if you deconstruct the rosters for each squad and see the talent that lies on the defensive side of the ball, it will make you either cringe or smile depending on your scoring philosophies. So the advice would be, “have fun storming the castle, kids.”

Is that good? That sounds like it’s good…
For eleven of the past twelve seasons, the Hawks have been ranked number one in their classification. They graduated some pretty big names last season, but with a favorable schedule with just a few speed bumps to properly cross without popping the tires, Armwood could find themselves knocking on the door of another #1-ranking although they will probably find Miami Central and Mainland in their way for much of the season and perhaps Lake Gibson, Ed White or Niceville in front of them if they happen to slip up at all during the regular season. Still, 11 of 12 seasons on top of the mountain is as impressive as it gets. Even Bolles’ 110-4 record in their district since 1989 thinks that’s what’s up.