ESPN Rise Elite 11 Observations

Orlando, FL

Bay Area observations from the 2011 ESPN RISE Elite 11 competition at UCF

Jeremy Agrinzonis, Hillsborough, 2012

I was very impressed with how Agrinzonis put back to back good throws together. He was very consistent with his balls and showed good mechanics.  During a huddle/play calling drill, he commanded the huddle with control and had conviction in his voice.



Bennie Coney, Plant City, 2012

If anything, Coney looks like a big time D1 QB prospect.  I was most impressed with his ability to throw an accurate ball on the run.  Great shoulder and chin level.  Made good decisions during drills where he had to select a receiver based on who was open according to the coach of that specific drill.



Gray Crow, Countryside, 2012

The Miami commit was solid today.  Showed a very strong arm and throws a tight spiral.  Made good decisions during read drills.  Did I say he showed a strong arm?  It actually looked as if he was more comfortable taking snaps from under the center and getting into his drop rather than taking the snap from the gun.


Pete Dinovo, East Lake, 2013

I think this kid is the future of Bay Area QBs.  Excellent footwork from under center and during avoiding the rush/blitz drills.  He has a solid arm and throws a beautiful deep ball.  To be a 2013 kid, the touch he puts on different passes looks like a seasoned senior.



Jon Economou, Freedom, 2012

Big Arm!  Great frame.  I was most impressed with Economou’s 3 step game.  Many football fans don’t understand how hard it is to throw the 3 step out (2nd hardest ball to throw in football) and Jon was money every time. 



Tommy Eveld, Jesuit, 2012

I was 1st introduced to Tommy Eveld on 2/27/2011 at the Kaleo QB showdown.  I came away saying “this kid can be special,” and he proved me right today.  Aside from him winning the overall Golden Accuracy Award (based on a competition during the sessions), Eveld looked great.  Corner pocket balls, comebacks, curls, digs, 3 step game, huddle presence…was excellent.  He had a better than good day, but great DAY!


Louie Pappas, Tarpon Springs, 2012

Every ball that Louie throws should be on the run.  Excellent footwork to evade the blitz and accurate arm while on the move.  I loved his mechanics.  Some may over look this, but his posture under center is convincing that he is a very poised QB.  Louie’s intermediate routes were on point.  He threw the curl and the 16 yard (back to 14 yards) comeback route well.  Again, I come away impressed with Pappas.


Greg Windham, King, 2012

Greg placed in the top 5 of 55 QBs in the accuracy competition.  One of the strongest arms on the grass today.  Greg has the tools to be a 3,000 yard passer this season and showed why today.  I was most impressed with the balls he let go on the run.  Rarely did the WR have to adjust to catch his ball.  His name was called often by the staff to praise him or coach him. 

Other participants that I did not observe enough to post comments.

Jacob Guy, Pasco, 2012

Taylor King, Freedom, 2014

Nick Rodriguez, Plant City, 2013