Dreams become reality as high school prospects take the next step to college

When the truth becomes reality, where do you fall? Are you actually built for D-I BCS football? What does it take?
The majority of high school football players never play past their senior year of high school. A cold, harsh reality. Not everyone can play college football. Not everyone can make it to the NFL. If it were easy – I would be in the NFL instead of writing this story.
The biggest thing to remember when trying to turn your NFL dreams into a reality is the step in between; college. Do you want to win a national championship? Well – assuming you are like the thousands of over college athletes, yes. The next step is to sit down and look yourself in the mirror. Ask yourself  “At what level can I legitimately play?”
If its not BCS – that’s fine. There are options, many options including FCS, D II, D III and NAIA. But, you want to make it to the NFL, which means you have to play BCS football, right? Wrong.
“Bottom line is not every player is made for Division one football. That’s a tough pill to swallow but is essential for high school prospects,” explains  Michael Langston,a Recruiting Analyst at “Fact is heading to college is about how you fit athletically, academically, and with your character. Fact is I’ve seen so many kids that jump because of the name of the jersey and not the right fit. Then later they have to transfer. In my opinion prospects have to go with what they need and not what they want,”
A short list below lists some well-known FCS, D II and D III players.
Victor Cruz – UMass (FCS)
Terrell Owens – Tennessee Chattanooga (FCS)
Jerry Rice – Mississippi Valley State University (FCS)
Brian Westbrook – Villanova (FCS)
Tony Romo – Eastern Illinois University (FCS)
Pierre Garcon – Mount Union (DIII)
“The main thing for any prospect is to remember that a student athlete is a student athlete no matter where you go,” Andrew Spivey, Recruiting Analyst for said. “A key to remember is there is no shame in being a smaller school but to remember to always perform hard in front of all scouts.”
That brings us to the 2012 Full Prospect Forum.
BCP and Unsigned Preps invites all of you (parents and players) to come and actively participate in the informational development of your recruitment process and discussion about your athletic and academic future at the collegiate level for no cost.  Educate yourself!  The Forum will include special guests designed to enhance ALL phases of the process from the Social Media, Film, Clearinghouse, Standardized Testing schedules and anything else you can possibly imagine (such as the realities vs. the myths of recruiting from insiders, career development for life beyond the gridiron, etc.) will be addressed through panel discussions and small-group Q&A sessions.  This interactive experience is open to athletes of all ages and any sport with an emphasis on football.
The Forum will provide the cold hard truths of the recruiting world and will open things up for the audience to ask questions. No question will go unanswered at the Forum.
For more information about the Forum you can email
Full Prospect Forum:

DATE: 4.30.2012
Time: 7pm – 9:30

Location: Hillsborough High School Auditorium, 5000 N. Central Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

Kyle is a recruiting analyst for Big County Preps. You can email him at and follow him on Twitter @KyleBennettBCP.