Don’t Panic Titans. It’s All Wright.

Tampa, FL – We all know. It’s been said over and over again. Tech didn’t look good versus Gaither. Now what!? The Titans move forward and the leader on troops is still senior quarterback David Wright.

This season he has a 111.5 QBR and completing 47% of his passes and 3 TD passes after two games. Which is down from completing 56% of passes and 112 QB a season ago.

However, no one should be panicking. His coaches surely are not. Head football coach Jayson Roberts has the utmost respect for his senior leader and did not skip around the compliments when speaking on David. We asked him a few questions about his signal-caller. Below is what he said.

Q: How has your QB progressed since his first high school start to now?

A: His progression from his 1st start to where he is today has been one of incredible growth from one year to the next. His first year as the starter, we weren’t even sure he would be the guy until the last week of fall camp. He was unsure of himself and his play was erratic. He’d flash with some brilliant throws like the 2 deep balls he delivered to help us beat Armwood in his 1st regular-season start. But then has head-scratching mistakes that made us question his commitment. Then in the spring of his sophomore year, he seemed to get on the same page with my OC and he took learning defenses and the goal of each of our pass concepts serious. Once his focus became on the details of his craft, his production shot through the roof. As well as he played last year, this season so far through fall practice he seems to have taken his game to new heights with his consistency.

Q: Outside of his physical abilities, what makes him special?

A: What makes David special is his football IQ. His ability to understand defensive strategy and where the ball needs to go is impressive. His capacity for processing allows us to call multiple plays each play and he’s able to pick which play best suits the defensive look we get. So he more or less calls his own play from whatever formation and play type package we give him. He is also elite at knowing his match-ups based on film.

Q: In your opinion, what was his most impressive stat last season, and why?

A: My opinion, his most impressive stat was only 5 ints on 265 attempts. He was taking care of the football and keeping us in games with his decision making.

Q: Who are the starting four WRs and how will they enhance your QB’s play?

A: His four starting WR are so impressive. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better four on the same team in the state. The two outside WRs Greg Gaines (6’2 180) is as polished of a wide in high school as I’ve seen. He can run routes with the best of them and has huge hands that never drop passes and he uses his size to dominate any DB under 6 feet.

Jamari Gassett (5’10 170) is a track star and University of Buffalo commit. He is so dynamic and stretches the field in all directions.

Jayden Horace, Tampa Bay Tech WR

Armone Harris (5’9 165) is a slot WR that runs razor-sharp routes and has elite quickness. Sure handed and puts big pressure on backers and safeties in the middle of the field.

Our 4th WR Jayden Horace (6’1 175) is a matchup nightmare for defenses. He is versatile enough to be inside or outside. Has great hands and his biggest attribute is his jumping ability to high point the ball on 50/50 balls.

Q: What’s your QB’s Motivation?

A: His biggest motivation seems to have always been to be comparable to the QBs here he’s followed. To have to follow in the footsteps of Mike Penix and to be seen as the guy that lead the program to its first undefeated season is what drives him.