5 Things We Have Learned Since The Start of the 2020 Football Season

The year of “What the heck is going on” continues. Games getting canceled, postponed, underdog victories, last-second wins, amazing comebacks…all within the first four weeks of the season. That’s high school football at its best. Lessons have been learned along the way.

Mitchell QB Ezra Brennan
  1. Bloomingdale – As long as the clock is moving, the Bulls have a high probability of winning. They started the season beating Armwood. Special teams and a few big plays here and there. Lucky? Maybe. Then they followed it up beating Tampa Bay Teach after being down 22-0. 25 unanswered second-half points. Doesn’t feel like luck. Feels more like good coaching and confidence.
  2. Jesuit – At the end of the day, the Tiger’s body blows are going to be too much. If your team can’t toss a haymaker, you’ll never knock the Tigers out. They’ll just keep throwing body blows and wear you down. Always a run-first team. But this season they have thrown the ball more than ever. After four games, Jesuit has recorded 90 pass attempts. Senior QB Joe Pesansky is 49 of 79, 845 passing yards, and 9 TDs. The added element of an enhanced passing attack has enhanced the Tigers offense.
  3. Gaither – DT Tawfiq Thomas is just not a fun date for an offensive line. He can demolish solo blocks, defeat double-teams, and hold the line of scrimmage versus triple-teams. Thomas should be priority #1 for any offense looking to actually produce points versus a fast and physical Cowboys defense.
  4. Mitchell – More weapons. What’s the best way to slow down the Mustangs? Contain QB Ezra Brennan who is completing 78% of his passes. That might work but then you’ll need to stack the box to wall up against RBs Andy Treto, Jonathan Fairbanks, and Chris Ferrini. Let’s just say you have a level of success versus the run, Ronnie Fiumara and Elijah Hadley are averaging 28 yards and 16 yards per catch respectively.
  5. Manatee – Junior QB Jayse Berzowski is coming into his own. Leading a comeback win versus Plant City finishing the game 22 of 33 for 215 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. Only one game into the 2020 season, so we’ll track his performances. Leadership from the QB position is critical. Getting teammates to believe in the ability and responsibility of the QB is critical. Jayse is earning his stripes.
Manatee, Junior QB Jayse Berzowski