Charge On: Is #10 UCF THE ‘Real Deal’

Orlando, October 25, 2018 – The Knights Nation fan base, analysts and other neutral college football junkies have been voicing their UCF opinions on every platform possible it seems- while still not neglecting the cold hard FACTS. Let’s take a deeper dive into settling the hot commodity dispute among the FBS. 

Weak schedule this, rankings and polls that- blah blah blah. Time to tie the knots, hold off on the debates (because the arguments will never stop as long as people have mouths and the ability to share so publicly) and focus the things that have no feelings- the NUMBERS.

Photo by Mary Holt

One thing nay-sayers can’t look past is the overall attention and viewership Central Florida is receiving this year (I know they’re not receiving the respect that’s deserved- deep breathes, I’m getting to that). The Knights’ win over the Pirates was 3rd most watched UCF football telecast of 2018- 486,000 viewers on ESPN2 according to

That game’s tune-in rate is right behind UCF’s Friday night win over Florida Atlantic on September 21st (1.295 million) on ESPN, and UCF’s win over Memphis on October 13th which was on ABC in the southeast and on ESPN2 for most of the nation. per

The Audacity! UCF (on 20-game win streak counting last season) and Alabama (18-game win streak counting last season) have closed games out indefinitely this season, winning every game by 20+ points- the only two teams in country to accomplish this dominant feat. Yet, UCF has remained 10th on the AP TOP 25 and #9 Coaches Poll for the past 3 weeks now. After tons of speculation and controversy with other CFB teams moving up the list who seem ‘unworthy’, this is where the lack of credit and respect lies, based on common rankings and matchups compared to the Knights’ season quests thus far.

Photo by Mary Holt

Exhibit A- 10/14/18 Speaking on 31-30 W over Memphis: “UCF fans should be outraged. To not move up (the AP polls) after a comeback win ON THE ROAD… in the rain… against a team that has been targeting this game for months… it’s a sham! Michigan moves up 6 spots for beating Wisconsin… I could’ve beaten Wisconsin…” exclaimed Spectrum 360 sports reporter Chris Torello, emphatically. 

Exhibit B- 10/14/18 Speaking on standings & 45-14 W over Pittsburgh on September 29th – “UCF’s remaining opponents: combined 19-11 record, 2 ranked teams. Notre Dame’s remaining opponents: combined 16-14, no ranked teams. Notre Dame (#3 currently on AP list) moved up this week after beating a team by 5 that UCF beat by 31,” said sports writer and co-founder of @KnightsSportsNow, Christian Simmons.

There are 6 teams ranked ahead of UNDEFEATED 7-0 UCF – four with 6-1 records (#9 UF, #8 Oklahoma, #7 Georgia, #6 Texas) and two at 7-1 (#5 Michigan, #4 LSU). 

Side Note UCF Football has put more QBs (2) into the 1st Round of the NFL Draft since 1996 than the entire B1G conference (fat 0), states @UCF_Recruiting.

A few more for the score

Almighty Central Florida is 6th in the nation in total offense.

– In a 5-way tie for 1st obviously with their win percentage seamless, at 1.000

– 20th in the nation in passes intercepted, tallying 9.

– 6th in 3rd down conversion percentage.

– 9th in rushing yards with 261.1 per game

– 6th in points for with 44.4 per game.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor