Badger 7 on 7 All Star Practice

King High, QB, class 2012, Greg Windham takes a snap during All Star practice

Badger Team Tampa 7 on 7 All star practice

On a team full of studs and D1 athletes, the question was “how could this team of studs gel”?  Looks like that is not gonna be a concern.  At practice yesterday, I would like to share some observations:

QB – Greg Windham (King): Still impressed by the young man.  He is solid and has great potential.  Greg throws a rocket and has even better touch.  I loved the way he looked off WR, in order to pull defensive backs and get them to open their hips and then come back with a laser 30 yards down field between the dropped LB and the corner.  In my opinion, he is the best QB in our area in more than one category.  He technique is getting better. From the small things, like taking the snap from under center and in the gun, to keeping the ball high (without patting the ball) and firing from the ear while stepping into the throw.

DB – Leon McQuay III (Armwood):  As much will be said about this stallion over the next couple of years, lets enjoy watching him up close while we can.  Even though he is a superb athlete, is humble approach is even more impressive.  But, back to football.  McQuay has great hips and ball skills.  I haven’t watch enough of Leon to tell what he does best. But from today’s practice, his ball skills and ability to cover ground while the ball is in the air is excellent. He always seems to be in a good football position and there is never a play he cant make (that’s how he plays).

DB – Vernon Hargreaves II (Wharton): The rival of McQuay as the best DB of the 2013 class will be VH.  Hargreaves showed a impressive leaping ability and “go get it” attitude.  VH matched up a number of times against UF commit, Matt Jones, won a few and lost a few, but never dwelled on the last play which impressed me from a young CB.  He and McQuay will end up being Blue Chip DBs.

DE/OLB – Dante Folwer (Lakewood): Oh the big man runs like a skill guy.  I have seen Fowler on film plenty, but it was a treat to see him move around in person.  When you think of a big man that can run, you usually think of a guy that can get upfield.  But Fowlers runs, cuts and changes direction like a running back.  His lower body looks to be as strong as the backside of horse and his agility was not what i expected.  I can see why he is such a highly recruited player.

WR – Charles Booth (Jefferson): Last but not least, Jefferson WR, Charles Booth.  Reminds me a lot of Armwood’s AJ King.  He is a prototype slot WR that is shifty and athletic and heck.  He made a few catches that reminded me of any good WR that we have had come through this area.  I loved the way he got off the jam in press coverage and out ran the defender at times.  YAC (yards after catch) is what he did best.  Once he made the catch, he was even more dangerous in the open field.  Like this kid a lot.

I will have more observation next week! Badger 7 on 7 Tourney will be 3/12 at USF