5 on 5 vs Leon McQuay III

5 on 5 vs Leon McQuay III


BCP: How important is the McQuay name to you in being the next great?

LM: Real important because, my father didn’t get a chance to follow his dreams because he had to take on the responsibility of raising my older brother Khiry. I really want to make it for him and Khiry [McQuay].


BCP: How will you embrass your new leadership role?

LM: Take it head on, do what i gotta do to win that championship.


BCP: Who has made the biggest impact on you as a football player?

LM: My older brother Khiry.


BCP: How would you measure your excitement when you got your 1st verbal offer from UF?

LM: I just smiled and nodded my head


BCP: Top 5 wish list of offers (Verbal offers you would like to have)?

LM: Florida, Texas Christian (TCU), Oregon, Vanderbilt, Ohio State