Admiral Farragut features some talent

Napoleon Maxwell
2014 ATH

Previously, I projected Napoleon Maxwell as a backer at the next level. Slightly undersized, but highly athletic and productive. As time has passed, my evaluation has changed as he has shown the ability and skill to play in the defensive backfield.

Breaking down his spring film, he shows:
– really good ability to flip his hips and change direction
– physical tackler
– tackles well in space with great technique and hip thrust
– good game speed and fast edge rusher
– ability to attack the ball at the highest point

I believe he develops into a really good safety prospect. His size will allow him to be a great box player and his speed/hips will be good enough in coverage.

Cortavious Givens
2014 LB/RB

Looks like defense will be Givens calling. He plays downhill on the defensive side of the ball. Shows a good first step and takes on blocks without losing steps to the ball carrier.

He has offensive experience, playing a lot of snaps at running back. Could help with his understanding of blocking schemes and finding the football on certain plays.

Justin Green
2015 CB/WR

Long player with some ability. Able to play press man to man coverage and keeps receivers in front if him. Does a good job leveraging blockers and not allowing the play to get outside of him.

Very productive on the offensive side of the ball. Catches the ball well and blocks on running plays. Interesting prospect to watch the next couple of seasons.