5 Questions With Horace Boswell (Ridge Community)

Horace Boswell, Ridge Community High 2016 LB runs the field with a purpose….destroy ball carrier. Surprisingly a solid college football prospect standing a shade under 6 foot 1 inches. He says his dream school would right down I-4 at the University of South Florida. The Bulls along with Central Florida, Texas, North Carolina and Kentucky are on Boswell’s wish list.

1. What are your strengths as a player?
– I can play anywhere on the field and learn it quickly!

2. What aspects of your game are you working to improve?
– My fundamentals and reaction time.

3. If we’re sitting together a year from now celebrating what a great year it was for you, what did you achieve?
– I achieved being one of the top line backers in Polk county and gained interest from colleges.

4. Leave a lasting Impression: What makes you hungry to succeed?
– I do not want to be a guy who comes back and watch my old school and say ‘I could have made it.’ I want to go to a great school where I can play and keep playing for as long as I can so I can come back and have everyone proud of me.

5. What do you look while on a college visit?
– How I would fit in with the facility, the school and would I want to spend my college years here.