2017 Xecutives Big Man 1 on 1

While the little guys were worried about their pretty photos and sweet cleats, the big boys were face to face in their 1 on 1 activities. Tre Huntley from Lakeland (2019) had another good showing. He is understanding how to use his length/leverage. That long arm move is starting to become his “Go To” move of choice. Davon Auguste, Chamberlain 2018 defensive lineman came out on a mission. A very dominant performance. Good blend of speed and power. Worked a few different moves. Athletic enough to have a full toolbox of weapons. Dwight Freeney type player. Pierre Alsint is now at Hillsborough. Very consistent and a ball of energy. Brings a punch in the interior of the defensive line. Displayed his speed and agility at Xecutives.

On the offensive side, three players stood out on film slightly more than the others. DeAndre Coley, Jefferson did really well anchoring in his pass sets. Strong lower frame with a nice initial punch. Francisco Rodriguez, Sickles has been a pleasant surprise to us during the month of June. A pretty athlete with a good upside. Potentially a late bloomer during the heavy recruiting months of the fall. Donovan Jennings, Gaither took home MVP honors again for the offensive line. Started the day kinda slow. But ended strong. One of the more athletic offensive linemen in the area and really starting to understand his overall strength.