Zephyrhills: It’s about the Playoffs!

Lorine Parker, Zephyrhills RB

In 2009 The Zephyrhills Bulldogs posted a 2-8 record under head coach Troy Hochstetler and Greg Mathis
who took over later in the season. The following season, Reggie Roberts would take over as the new head man and took his bumps as a first year head coach; 3-7 record in 2010. The Bulldogs would not stay down long.

In 2011 Coach Roberts would improve to 7-3, 6-4 in 2012 and again 7-3 in 2013. But, the goal of making the playoffs always gets missed. Not this year hopes the Coach Roberts and the Dogs. Focused on details and effort, Zephyrhills wants their “Big Dogs” to lead the pack to the playoffs!

The Bulldogs have a dangerous offensive backfield highlighted by their duo at running back. Jaylen Pickett is the vet that came on strong around mid season in 2013; 6-0/190 pounds, college coaches are really taking interest. Lorine Parker will get his touches and do much of the dirty work. A tad under 6 feet tall and a blistering 185 pounds, the big back is a load!

On the defensive side of the ball, the class of 2016 will have to learn and grow up fast. Kevin Lee is a 210 pound LB who will fill the gaps and chase down the perimeter runs. Jackie Tucker and Arttonyo Lee will spend some time on defense. Both athletic enough to make plays on the perimeter and create turnovers.

Antwione Sims, was not in action when I attended practice yesterday. But, the youngster has a chance to be a high level prospect. Reggie Roberts Jr. and Lawrence Everett will also play big roles this spring and during the upcoming 2014 season.