Zephyrhills, March 20, 2018– Multi-sport student athlete Malik Jones from Zephyrhills Christian Academy is nothing short of amazing. The 6’3” 300-pound sophomore Center and Guard is heavily involved in his religion and sports craft.

Malik plays football, basketball, wrestling and lacrosse all while holding a steady 3.87 GPA! He’s a star on and off the field, and hungry to maximize his elite stud potential.

“Malik is an awesome kid…he has an on and off switch; very respectful and God fearing young man. On the field he will block whistle to whistle, off the field he will be inviting you to church or trying to lead others to Christ,” Malik’s father, Spence Jones exclaimed.

It’s no secret the Jones’ up hold high standards for success. “Attitude wise, he hates to lose. He works very hard to perfect his craft, finishing 3rd in states this year in 1A wrestling heavyweight division, with a record of 64-4. He has personal training three times a week, and still manages to handle all the team workouts. I also coach him on defense at Zephyrhills Christian Academy, I don’t play daddy ball, I play the best athletes and he knows in order to play on my defense he has to work hard- nothing is given.”

Malik Jones likes to keep busy and stay on top of things, a fitting mentality for a big-body offensive linemen that can play both sides of the ball. According to Maxpreps, the Warriors went 8-3-1 this sophomore season, and Jones being the big contribution he is to the team, accumulated 60 solo and total tackles, averaging 6 tackles per game and 4 sacks on defense, also holding his own protecting his quarterback on the other end, of course.

“The toughest part about his position is not being over-aggressive and his favorite part is hitting people in the mouth,” Mr. Jones stated. “He knows his junior season is a make or break year, and being at a small 2A school located in Zephyrhills and Pasco county, it’s tough to get big schools to come and recruit.”

“He has to make a name for himself at the local and college camps this summer, once he proves he can play with the big boys-which he will, they will start piling in.” The Jones’ family has the blueprint for Malik’s next-level game plan, and are pursuing it at full throttle.

Vaughan Sixbury, BCP Contributor