Zain Gilmore, Robinson QB makes is argument

Senior Zain Gilmore will never be biggest player on the football field for Robinson High School but you can certainly make an argument that he is the best. Zain has incredible stats through the air (94-179, 1122yds, 18tds) and on the ground (778yds, 11tds) for the Knights and has led them to an 11-1 record. BCP caught up with Zain for a quick interview this week, as he was preparing for a battle against the unbeaten Pasco Pirates.

Question: What has been the team goal from the start of the season?
Answer: The goal is always to win states; however, the team has done a great job at taking it one game at a time and not overlooking any opponent. When you overlook people or take thing for granted is when you get yourself in trouble.

Q: How has the team rebounded from the Plant loss?
A: The Plant loss at the end of the regular season was actually very helpful. I would even call it the highlight of our season because it brought us out of a “dream world” we were living in. It made us hungrier for the taste of victory because losing isn’t as sweet of course. So, I would like to say, thank you Plant.

Q: What have you learned since transferring from Blake to Robinson?
A: I’ve learned a lot of things such as discipline, organization, and what it takes to be successful. The Blake coaching staff was great. I am not trying to offend them at all but at Robinson I’ve honed everything I learned at Blake and took it to another altitude.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge so far this year?
A: My biggest challenge this year was coming to a new school that had already established as a winning tradition. I had to earn respect from a brand new group of guys which is never an easy transition.

Q: What college football teams impressed you the most with their play this year and why?
A: Notre Dame for sure. Everyone told them who they were going to beat and who they couldn’t beat but they just kept winning regardless of the noise and against all odds they were undefeated. I know how it feels to come from the bottom of the barrel, and to suddenly be on top. There year reminds me a lot of my own.

Q: Are you receiving recruiting attention from any teams?
A: No I am not but I think that all comes with the timing of things. Colleges are finally starting to notice what I’ve been doing but I’m focused on my team as of now, and I’ll let the recruiting pieces fall into place later.

Q: What position do you want to play in college?
A: I know I can make it as a quarterback because I’m at my best with the ball in my hands making decisions. I’m a team player before anything though, so I’ll play where ever a coach wants me to.

Q: You are a BCP Player of the year candidate. Why do you think you are deserving of such a prestigious award?
A: Just being thought of is an honor. If you look up both teams that I’ve played for, which had two different records, I still made them both better. I think that says a lot about me to be able to come in and make a great Robinson team even greater. My favorite athlete is LeBron James and ironically his birthday is ten years apart from mine on the exact same day and we are both Capricorns. So I guess it’s the Capricorn way to be a MVP.

– Anthony Peace