Xecutives Position Group at a glance -LB’s

The linebackers are up today as part of the position group breakdown for the Xecutives event at Southeastern University in Lakeland on Sunday. There’s one county that’s got a stranglehold on the position in terms of invitees, while one of the four counties in the coverage area got shutout this year. This is also one of the four position groups that does not have a single member of the Class of 2018 on its list, although the nineteen players are fairly evenly distributed among the classes of 2016 and ’17. This group also features all three MVP’s from the individual camps leading into the main event.

Some extremely talented and already established talent graces this group, while a few relatively unknown prospects could turn some heads once everyone is assembled and the competition begins. One thing’s for certain with this group. If we could put the pads on for just ONE moment in time on Sunday, this would be the collection of players that excites us to no-end with the amount of diverse talent and genetical disposition to play the spot.

Here now is the LB position group breakdown for this Sunday’s Xecutives event.

Position group quick facts:

No. of attendees by county –
Hillsborough -11
Pinellas -2
Polk -6

No. of attendees by class –
2016 -11
2017 -8

Average size of the position group –
5-foot-11, 205-pounds

List of invitees:
Josh Anderson, Lennard (6-1, 261) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Decalon Brooks, Gaither (5-9, 190) -2017, Earned invite from Ignite
Kelvin Broome, Lakeland (6-0, 230) -2016, Earned invite from Ignite
Austin Castillo, Fort Meade (5-7, 190) -2017, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Armand Chalk, Hillsborough (5-9, 208) -2017, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Kyante Cobbett, Auburndale (5-10, 180) -2017, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Joshua Crowell, Plant City (6-1, 205) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Spring
AJ Deshazor, Lake Gibson (6-0, 185) -2017, Ignite MVP
Shane Evins, East Bay (5-11, 209) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Summer
Nicholas Hernandez, Pinellas Park (6-0, 230) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Patrick Lukert, Steinbrenner (6-1, 210) -2016, Earned invite from Ignite
Tyler Mirabella, Steinbrenner (6-0, 210) -2016, e7 Summer MVP
Steven Ogletree, Plant City (5-11, 235) -2017, e7 Spring MVP
Ryan Pipher, Riverview (6-1, 192) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Summer
Deondre Pride, Victory Christian Academy (6-2, 215) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Thomas Roman, Conuntryside (5-10, 210) -2016, Earned invite from e7 Summer
Dakota Trice, Brandon (5-10, 186) -2017, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Kadarius Verneuil, Ridge Community (6-0, 165) -2017, Earned invite from e7 Spring
Jordan Zilbar, Strawberry Crest (5-8.5, 180) -2016, Earned invite from Ignite