Xecutive Intrigue: Not Much Room Left

The number of invites available shrunk in size over the weekend, but none of the position groups have filled their total number of spots thanks to some of the players taking home MVP selections that were already invited. Let’s take a closer look at position groups and where they stand with the final list to be completed by the end of this week.

Quarterbacks – 1 spot available
The MVP on Sunday was Wharton’s Bryce Martin and he will join some pretty esteemed company. He’s the eleventh member of the group out of a possible twelve. There wasn’t an overlap at this position like some of the others so the last invite will go to? We’ll just have to wait and see, but there’s plenty of intrigue surrounding who it will be since the vast majority of talent vying for the final two spots were bunched very tightly after Sunday.

Running Backs – 1 spot available
Still one spot left at this group after Ridgewood’s Glass Wilson V managed to pick up his invite following the e7 Spring event in Lakeland. This spot could have been easily filled with many guys coming close to the top spot last Sunday and the automatic invite, but we shall wait to find out who the final spot goes to. Quite frankly, it’s going to be about as closely a contested spot as you could possibly find to fill that final hole.

Wide Receivers – 5 spots available
Depending on the remaining summer schedules of some players on this list, the number of invites could change. For now, just one spot was reserved automatically on Sunday with Hillsborough’s Ardarius Hall taking top-billing and leaving 13 out of 18 players reserved at this position. The amount of “potential” talent on those fields in Land O’Lakes at e7 Summer was thick at this spot. Those five (or even six) could easily be chocked full of 2017’s and even an ’18 once the film gets sorted out.

Tight Ends – 3 spots available
Following Mykh’ael Chavis spot being reserved, just three of the eight spots available remain. Something tells us that those spots will be grabbed rather quickly once the tape is checked based on the performances of some of those underclassmen mentioned in other breakdown pieces. At the rate this spot is going, there could be just two members from the Class of 2016 in the group when it’s all said and done. Regardless of the youth at the position, this set of prospects will be super fun to watch at the end of the month.

Offensive Line – 2 spots available
This group’s finalization will be total stress for the staff. Shane McGough’s got his golden ticket based on his performance on Sunday, but the final two spots might come down to as many as ten different guys if the sets of eyes and tape is what we think it is. From where we sit, this kind of “stress” isn’t really stress though. All of these guys have been absolute beasts in their own right at different times this offseason. No shame in not getting an invite if you’re a member of this group.

Defensive Line – 1 spot available
Richard Drummond gets added to the list and things get just as stressful as the OL evals since he was not previously invited to the Xecutives. Just like the OL, there’s no shortage of talent that will have to be broken down and debated for in terms of gaining that last spot in the next few days.

Linebackers – 7 spots available
Plenty of room left in this group, but that doesn’t make things necessarily easier in terms of who gets invited. Tyler Mirabella joins his teammate at Steinbrenner (Patrick Lukert) and was a worthy addition at that. There could be a mixture of guys from this camp along with some breaking into the vault to check any more film that could have been missed. Either way, this group will have some monsters in it from top to bottom as the “young bucks” appear to be just as qualified.

Safeties – 1 spot available
Douglas Farmer’s addition to this group from Land O’Lakes takes up a spot, and following the tape breakdown from Sunday this group could be facing a logjam for the final invite. Farmer’s a worthy addition just like Mirabella, so he adds plenty of skill and talent to the fold. This group could get interesting since some pretty good size in the Class of 2018 actually showed well on Sunday and one of them could steal a spot.

Cornerbacks – 4 spots available
Donte’ Glover was your MVP on Sunday, but already held an invite for later this month. This group is full of primetime entertainers while possessing the prerequisite skill-set to do work on the field. The final four selectees will most certainly have to deal with some headaches since the WR’s are full of the same foundation.