Wilson = Oladokun 2.0?

Tampa, FL – Gaither finished the 2020 season with an 11-1 overall record. Five shutouts on defense, three in the month of October. The defense produced 20 interceptions by 10 different players; Senior Jordan Oladokun (4), Senior Jordan Young (3), and Sophomore Eugene Wilson III (3). The “Jordans” have departed to start their college campaign, but Wilson is about to go bananas in 2021.

We can say this after seeing him after he camped with us in the spring, he is extremely explosive. Has fantastic ball skills and swift feet. A skillset very similar to graduating ATH Chris Oladokun. What’s even more impressive, he is extremely coachable. Willing to learn and wanting to be great.

After a 32 tackles, 3 INT season Wilson is next up to be great at Gaither. After watching the spring game highlights, the Cowboys are planning to use him as they used Oladokun during his career, all over the place!