Who? Who Are These Campers?

Russell Stroud, Jefferson High School 2023 DB
At the defensive back position, everything starts with confidence. Meshed with discipline and ability. In a camp setting, putting back to back good plays together is the key to attracting attention from evaluators. On to Russell, mission accomplished for this sophomore. Ultra aggressive, super observant, and quick movements. Very twitchy type player who made plays on the ball in flight and competed each snap.

Jack Lennon, Plant High School 2022 QB
The crown jewel of any camp…the quarterback position. All eyes on the gunslinger, always on the gunslinger and it’s the job of the quarterback to create opportunities for the playmakers to make plays. “Let’s Go Jack!” Lennon is super interesting. He shows good arm strength, nice touch, and really liked his mobility. Standing almost 6 foot, 1 inch (no shoes), Lennon had a good camp and needs to follow it up with a better spring to attract college eyes.

Ha’Keem Monroe, Lennard High School 2022 WR
Pretty kid. Well put together. Commands attention on sight. 6’1″167 and looks like he likes the weight room. We didn’t know much about this young man prior to camp. However, he is one we will keep an eye on while fall approaches. We liked how he used his body to shield defenders from the ball and provided a big target for the quarterbacks. He runs well and gets in and out of his breaks pretty quickly.

Ha’Keem Monroe, Lennard High School

Elijah Brown, Seffner Christian Academy 2024 QB
Seffner Christian will mold a new starting quarterback and freshman Elijah Brown will be competing for that position. Will he be the guy? Only time will tell. But what we can tell you is his arm strength is increasing. His accuracy is improving and his ball control is getting better and better with each rep. At camp, he threw the intermediate routes well, especially on the move. What really stood out was how he hit receivers in stride. Very few times did receivers need to wait on the ball.

Carson Mohler, Plant City High School 2022 QB
Who’s up next for Plant City? Waiting for his time is Carson Mohler. Big Arm, quick release shows good footwork. Give Carson a few weapons and he might throw for 2300 yards in 2021. He has improved tremendously since this time last season. Standing a shade under 6 foot, 2 inches we are excited to see the attention Carson will receive in the spring.

Carson Mohler, Plant City High School