What’s Next?

1.       East Bay (1-9 in 2010)

The Wishbone (3 RB option offense) is gone from EB.  So now what?  Under former head varsity football coach, Brian Thornton, the Indians have had more ups than downs.  Of his 17 season as the head coach at East Bay, Thornton recorded 5 season with 8 or more wins, 13 seasons where the team went .500 or better, 2 bowl game victories and 5 playoff appearances.  But in the last 5 season, the Indians have failed to make the playoffs and have had an overall record of 21-29.  Thornton resigns, LaRosa is promoted and now the wish bone offense that EB has been known for is scrapped.  What will the Indian show?

2.       Tampa Bay Tech. (7-5 in 2010)

CC steps down-The Titans climb from the dead has been impressive since CC Culpepper has taken over for 11 different head coaches since 1969.  With tough defense and a diverse double wing option offense, the Titans have made force their way to the top.  But what now?  No Angle Rodriguez and no “Cornbread” Williams at QB, who guided them to an over record of 26-9 in 3 seasons.  Who’s going to run the option?  Back up QB, Darrell Richardson has transferred to Armwood, which most would have figured would be a lock for the starting job and would have forced TBT into more of a spread offense, but who knows now?  Who’s next in line for the Titans at QB and will the double wing option continue to be the base look for the Titans offense?

3.       Hillsborough (8-4 in 2010)

Usually loaded with skill talent, the Terriers will take a hit on offense especially.  Losing leading Rusher (Tim Randolph), Leading Receiver (Charles Lovett), top offensive lineman (Andre Gunn) and team leader (Jamie Knott) to graduation, what’s left? WR, Evan Jennings emerged as a big playmaker and QB Jeremy Agrinzonis showed flashes.  But will the Terriers have enough striking power to continue their excellent playoff appearance record? 

4.       Jefferson (15-0 in 2010)

No Quentin Williams!  That could be enough for the competition to take a sigh of relief, but the Dragons are still the home a much skilled talent.  Booth, Speights and Jenkins (x2) make up a sold group o perimeter skilled players. But who’s going to get the ball to them? DE, Tyriq McCord and CB, Will Watson will be counted on to rise as leaders on defense, but who’s going to fill the middle in replace of LB, Ramik Wilson?  Can the Dragons score?  Put up 50 a game? Not as it looks right now.  But with the speed and talent, the replacement of Florida’s Mr. Football, Quentin Williams must be addressed…DUH!

  1. 5.       Plant (12-3 in 2010)

Perfect…No More:

Marve, Winter and Gallon

Murray, Winter and Gallon

Murray, Sampson, Charles

Ely, Wilder, Sampson, Glover and Dungy

Ely and good Lord…No more Wilder

So…Who Next?

As the Panthers embark on the 2011 season, the question is not if they get back to the 15th game of the season. But, who will knock them off before they get there.  The Panther have established themselves as the number 1 or 2 ranked program in the county (depends on who you ask) with outstanding performers on offense and solid defense.  Right now, there are no big names, no blue chippers and no elite 11 QB.  So will they be the same Panthers we are use to seeing?