Video: Skill Players who Showed Up on Film at Ignite

Film review observations from small skill player 1 on 1 at Ignite


12 Tavares Chase IMG WR 2016 6’2 180 – Owned the field. Was the best skill player on the field and it showed. His hands were amazing. Super strong, snagged the ball not matter the location.

101 JJ Lewis Mitchell WR 2016 6’2 170 – He was expected to have a good day and he did not. HE HAD A GREAT DAY! Played at his height and even more impressive, he was able to get off the line of scrimmage versus the smaller, aggressive defensive backs.

3 Kee Whetzel Countryside WR 2016 6’3.5 180 – Blasted on the scene. All we knew is that he played some RB and was a terror as a rush DE/OLB. Now, I think we have a natural position for this Cougar. Almost unstoppable. If the ball was in his radius, he was coming down with it!

Bryce Miller, East Lake
Bryce Miller, East Lake

54 Dakarai Allen Largo WR 2016 6’2 170 – Fantastic day creating separation and improved his route running as the event progressed.

34 Bryce Miller East Lake WR 2017 5’9 170 – Don’t judge a book by the cover. The undersized Miller went “All Wes Welker” on the defensive backs. Tough cover. Ate dudes up with his route running.

70 Rudy Dawson Hillsborough WR 2016 – WR MVP! Went off in a big way. Smaller receiver that used his quick feet to blow past defenders. Lunch’d pretty much all day long. If defenders attempted to press him, they couldn’t get a hand on him. Play off and he ate them alive with an intermediate route.

33 Daquon Green Tampa Bay Tech WR 2017 6’1 185
6 Jamison Carnegie Nature Coast WR 2016 5’9 151
1 Taylor Bleistein Wiregrass Ranch WR 2016 5’9 150
41 Kyle Fearrington East Lake WR 2016 5’11 155
80 Antonio Nunn Jefferson School WR 2016 5’11 180
5 Justin Brown Wharton WR 2017 5’11 150

157 Marchalo Judge Tampa Bay Tech S 2016 5’8 162 – Clear cut, the top dog of the defensive backs. You can count on one hand how many balls were caught on him and likely by the same 1 or 2 receivers. So quick with his feet and super loose hips. Balled on Sunday and awarded corner MVP.

159 Rashaad Stewart Clearwater Central Catholic S 2017 6’0 – Kept showing up on film. Made one play, then another and another. The film didn’t lie. The young safety just kept doing good things.

200 KJ Sails East Bay S 2016 5’10 165 – Earned the safety MVP for two reasons; 1) He competed versus the best receivers at Ignite 2) He made plays versus the best receivers at Ignite. Most kids hide in the back, scared to look bad. Not this kid. The receiver may win 5. Sails is going to get his 5 also.

155 Deedrick Daniels Chamberlain S 2016 5’10.5 153 – Came to play. Came with his A game. Good transition and very quick off the ground.

242 Trey Fullwood Sickles CB 2016 6’1 184 – Still raw in press coverage. Minus the technique, he did a tremendous job fighting for the ball in the air and challenging every route ran.

191 Darius Williams Northside Christian S 2016 5’8 170
192 Jarrod Kelley Winter Haven S 2016 5’11 150
156 Bryce Barnes Newsome CB 2016 6’0 145
177 Tyree Rodman Kathleen S 2016 5’9 160
181 Taj Taylor Largo CB 2016 5’11 160
194 Chauncy Smart Auburndale CB 2017 5’6 154