Vance Jayden Monroe an attractive piece at George Jenkins High School

The success at George Jenkins has been slim. 10 wins in the last 5 years including 3 different coaches in the same time span. Jenkins’s inaugural season was 1993 when the Eagles finished the season 1-9 under their first head football coach Kevin McMahon. Since that first one win season, the Eagles have had more one or none win seasons than above .500 season. Jenkins has eight seasons winning one or less games and just four winning seasons above .500.

2010 6-4 (5-5) HC Matt Thompson (forfeit win v Lakeland)
2011 0-10 HC Matt Thompson
2012 4-6 HC Eric Gallon
2013 2-8 HC Richard Tate
2014 1-9 HC Richard Tate
2015 2-8 HC Richard Tate
2016 1-8 HC Chris Canning

There has to be a bright light right? Yes there is. The school is absolutely beautiful. Uniquely built at the top of a hill in polk county with the athletic facilities are sunken down into the valley. In and out of those facilities are some pretty talented athletes. Not many would expect Jenkins to have as many ballers as they do especially on the football team. But they do have some really talented players. One of those athletes would be middle linebacker Vance Jayden Monroe.

Monroe is a methodic linebacker holding down the middle of the Eagle defense. Standing around 6 foot and between 220 and 230 pounds. He really excels sliding in and out of traffic and sniffing out the ball carrier. Monroe has a high grades in KEY AND DIAGNOSE, PHYSICALITY and POINT STRENGTH. Quicker than expected and very physical. In reality a linebacker is a combination of of defensive lineman and defensive back. This linebacker can hold his own at the first level and runs well enough to drop into pass coverage. Linebackers who play in the middle have to be tough. Have to be able to take on lead blocks and double teams. Check that box also for monroe.