The 2017 season created several headaches, mostly of Mother Nature’s doing, but it also gave us plenty of quality material to unpack. There were some surprises along the way, and in some cases—the more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

The selection process for the All-BCP teams is a tireless one, and while we really do wish we could list twice as many players as we do, simply put—that would defeat the purpose of designating the best-of-the-best from this entire region. While there are ballers to be found all across the six counties and beyond, only a certain few can stake their claim as “the best.” Those are the rules.

Now that the dust has settled and the postseason parade of honors are in full march, we would like to introduce to you four players from their designated categories that stood out above all the rest throughout the season and one coach of the year. Heartfelt congratulations towards those that made it, and to those that didn’t—we can’t wait for you to prove us wrong on the field in the future! SEE TEAMS HERE