Nate Craig after TD catch at Central FLA qualifier

Unguardable Receivers

We knew the title would at least get you look. However, it’s not realistic. All receivers are able to be covered. Some a more difficult assignment than others. Below are the TOP 5 most difficult receivers to cover in the BCP Area. Today they are. The list could change next week after E7 Training Camp this Sunday. But for now let the fire burn about those who are and are not listed below.

1) Nate Craig, Tampa Catholic, WR, 2016, 6-2/200 – From what we have read, Nate Craig is just about back to 100%. If those observations and rumors are correct then it’s scary. Nate Craig has such good feet to get off the line, such strength to dictate the leverage, such ball skills to bring down the ball. If he is almost back to full strength, it could get scary.

2) Tavares Chase, IMG, WR, 2016, 6-2/180 – Arguably one of the best receivers at getting off press coverage. Chase has such strong hands and body control, defensive backs struggle to breakdown, get in and out of breaks and anticipate his movement.

3) James Robinson, Lakeland, WR, 2017, 6-3/190 – We have not seen the best of this kid yet. He gave us a taste his freshman year, got us excited last year and now he has us on the edge of our seat. His 6-3 frame and body control is top notch!. Defensive backs may think they have him until the deep ball comes and he pulls away. They may think they can out jump him until he goes over their head. Hard assignment!

4) Rudy Dawson, Hillsborough, slot, 2016, 5-6/145 – Big things come in small packages? That’s what they say right? In this case, it’s true. Put him in the slot and let’s see who wins the majority of the one on one reps; The DB or Dawson? Put him in shoulder pads and a helmet and he’ll likely go for 900 plus yards on the season as he did last year.

5) Trevor Laurent, Armwood, slot, 2016, 5-10/165 – Don’t act like you don’t remember this kid. Search the BCP YouTube and your memory will be refreshed. Now back at Armwood, Trevor is a dog. He has really good speed, such feet and may have the best hands in the area. DBs think they can cover him when they step up in press man cover. Dreams turn to reality real quick when Laurent eats them alive.