Tyler Riddell or Chris Butash

Ok…Before you vote for your teammate, former little league player or pen pal…take a look at the film. These two are very similar. Even watch their setup, release, poise in the pocket and running ability.

Tyler Riddell (Jr) led a resurging Chamberlain to round 2 of the FHSAA playoffs. A fantastic season by the Chiefs losing just three games to three teams which ended up having a combined 6 losses between them. Riddell torched most of his competition ended the year with 2464 passing yards, completing 0.612 percent of his passes for 30 TDs and just 4 INTs. How you like that ratio?

Hold up…Chris Butash (Jr) held his own at Carrollwood Day. He was deadly with the wrist. 2088 passing yards for 18 TDs. He even did work with his legs rushing for 570 yards and 6 TDs. The Patriots as a team struggled winning just 2 games in the 2017 season. However, Butash made the most of each opportunity.

Take a look at clip number two for each passer. Watch the similarity. Pay close attention to the pocket presence of each along with the arm strength and ball location. Then…tell us “who you got?”