Top Xecutives Small Skill Performers

Donald Parham, Jenkins

1. MVP Marchalo Judge, Tampa Bay Tech 2016 DB – He was just lockdown! Displayed really good technique, angles, footwork and aggressiveness. When the ball was in the air, the WR was not going to catch it.

2. Bentlee Sanders, Tampa Catholic 2017 ATH – After reviewing the film, he could have shared MVP honors. Ended the day with 3 or 4 interceptions in 1 on1s and 7 on7 and showed great athleticism.

3. MVP Jacob Mathis, Berkeley Prep 2016 WR – Used his body and caught just about everything. Provided QBs with a big target and expanding catch radius.

4. MVP V’Onte Williams, Wharton 2015 S – Was good in 1 on1s, but better in 7 on 7. His explosion is super and note he clocked a 4.4 hand clocked forty yard dash with the entire park watching.

5. Nate Ferguson, 2015 CB – Ferguson was aggressive and showed good footwork and hips. I really like how he made plays on the ball in the air.

6. Kevon Woods, Lakewood 2015 WR – Another good performance for Woods who is showing he belongs! His big hands, smooth routes and long strides made it hard on defensive backs.

7. Justin Strnad, East Lake 2015 S – Really showed improvement in his 1 on1 cover skills. Used his long body to take advantage of smaller receivers and blanket larger receivers.

8. MVP Dallas Maclachlan, Nature Coast 2015 TE – Really loved his strength, the way he used his body and kept the defensive backs, on his back away from the ball. Really good day versus top competition.

9. Chris Angulo, East Bay 2015 CB – Made some excellent plays on the ball and had extremely loose hips!

10. Donald Parham, Jenkins 2015 TE – He just went about his business, caught the ball, ran solid routes and made plays. Hard not to recognize him doing work.