Top 6 games outside of the ranked team frenzy


…Will all battle this Friday Night. All eight of these teams are ranked in our SWEET 16 RANKING. Besides the games above, there are other really attractive games for various reasons. This Friday night may be the best of 2013 season with the match ups that will take place. Take a look at who plays who…

1 Trinity Catholic (Ocala, FL) 3-1 at Clearwater Central Catholic 3-1

Many Pinellas County football followers are excited about this game. Possible state implications, two teams expected to make a run in class 3A. Questions about the Marauder offense to be answered. Trinity Catholic took a thumping last week to first year program, IMG. Both teams have a chance to be state championship teams.

2 Plant City 3-0 at Bloomingdale 2-1

Bloomingdale fought like Bulls vs. Plant last week and have been the talk of the town because of their offensive performance. Plant City escaped a loss to Durant last week with a big defensive stop, preventing rival Durant from scoring the winning two-point conversion. Both teams have an opportunity to make the playoffs.

3 Berkeley Prep 2-1 at Springstead 3-1

Our “Pick ’em” game contest participants are pretty split when picking this game. Do you lean towards the red hot Springstead team who is rolling after a few big wins? Or, do you jump with the Bucs who just lost an emotional game to Lakeland Christian, which they actually played extremely well? QB play will be crucial again. Both teams are dependent on an effective running game.

East Bay Indians

4 East Bay 3-1 at Wharton 3-1

Polar opposite teams. However, their methods bring them positive results. Wharton attempts to have a balanced offense. Depending on which part of the offense gets hot (pass or run) will determine how they chew up yards. East Bay would like to run the ball down the defense throat. May not be pretty, but usually effective. Both teams play really good defense and improving on special teams. Both teams start district play next Friday and both teams have a real shot at winning their district. This will be a good measuring stick for each team.

5 Lake Wales 2-2 at Haines City 2-2

If you are looking for a Polk County game with a bunch of college football prospects, this is probably the best ticket in town. Division 1 kids on both sidelines playing for teams that are expected to do good things this season. Lake Wales is a traditional county power, playing slightly inconsistent. Haines City is starting to create a new image from a county doormat to a county puncher. Both teams are sitting at the crossroads between have a winning and losing record. Something has to give.

6 Nature Coast Tech 1-2 at Pasco 2-1

Pasco has strapped on their hard hat, packed their lunch box and gone to work after losing their first game of the season to Sunlake. The Pirates have splayed their opponents since and eyes now on Nature Coast. Sharks are energized after getting top player, Rohan Blackwood back from suspension. This game is likely to be real close in score or really far apart in the score. We shall see.