Top 19 performers from E7 Showcase

2012 E7 Training Camp has concluded, but the coverage is not over yet. Of 147 participants, we took the top 18 performers from the two day event. See who stood out in a big way.

1 Keon Brown, East Lake 2014 DB – Doesn’t East Lake already have enough talent? With a talent rich team, Brown has been a bit forgotten about. Long arms, good feet and hips make Brown a solid prospect.

2 Conner Rafferty, Robinson 2013 OT – The big Knight has a bright future. He eliminated just about every defensive lineman that stepped in front of him during the pass rush 1 on 1s. Stood tall a few times In his technique, but overall was a monster.

3 Robert Davis, CDS 2013 RB – Fresh off a 4.38 forty at Georgia Tech camp, Davis dominated E7. He’s has a quick burst in and out of his cuts, moves extremely well in space and has great hands out of the backfield to boot.

4 Alex McGough, Gaither 2014 QB – If E7 handed out MVPs, McGough probably would have taken it home for the QBs. He has a bright future, good feet and an extremely strong arm. He made good decisions during 7on7 and fit the ball into small spaces.

T5 Nate Ferguson, Freedom 2015 DB – He LOVES putting his hands on WRs at the line – and he’s punishing. He has good feet, energy and a high motor. Ferguson also has a nice vertical which he showed off during 7on7 making an interception over a much taller WR on a deep fly route.

T5 Dimitri Leverett, Bartow 2014 – Arguably the most impressive of all 25 QBs. If he were 2 inches taller, he would be a big time prospect. Has it all: Mechanics, arm strength, accuracy, touch, footwork, etc.

6 Josh Vizcaino, Blake 2014 OL – Big Country performed as advertised. He needs to gain some strength, but Vizcaino showed a good first step, good technique and a high motor.

7 Carlos Duclos, Robinson 2013 DB – He set the tone early. When young players were tentative during individual training Duclos showed his leadership qualities and got everyone fired up.

8 Dwayne Lawson, Hillsborough 2015 QB – Extremely raw, but Lawson has a chance. He needs to work on his feet, and timing a bit, but Lawson has a strong arm and made great decisions during 7on7. He did a nice job looking off safeties, reading coverages and throwing the ball to the open receiver.

9 Taylor King, Freedom 2014 QB – If he has any time at all to stand in the pocket he will cut defenses apart. King has calm footwork, a strong arm and a quick release.

10 Rayquan Johnson, Brandon 2014 QB – Undersized, under six feet, but Johnson has consistently shown flashes of having abilities to be an effective high school quarterback. He has good footwork and a strong enough arm to make the tough throws.

11 Joe Davis, Plant City 2013 WR – He just gets the job done. Davis has consistently proved to be an active slot receiver, runs good routes, has good hands and is very quick. He’s making a strong push to move up the BCP SR rankings.

12 Bentley Easley, Newsome 2013 DL – Big Bent continues to show his natural movement each and every time he steps on the field. Easley has a quick get-off, violent hands and a high motor. If the first move doesn’t work he goes to a second and a third. Hands and feet stay busy throughout each play.

13 Devonte Bing, King 2014 RB – King has missed that home run hitter at RB during the Greg Windham era. Bing could be the answer to that problem. Does a few things really well: Change direction and explodes from a stand still position.

14 Ethan Thompson, CCC 2014 LB – He’s making the transition to DB, but couldn’t attend yesterday’s camp due to a conflict with the Gators camp. However, Thompson performed well, especially in pass coverage drills where he showed off his loose hips and quick feet. He has a good change of direction and the ability to stick his foot in the ground to come downhill.

15 Austin Stroup, Wiregrass Ranch 2015 DL – Stroup was one of the surprises of the E7 camp. He showed violent hands and the ability to play inside.

16 Denzal Dillard, Boca Ciega 2013 RB – An explosive runner. Danced in an out of bag drills with ease and ran effective routes in 1 on 1s.

17 Kim Jackson, King 2013 TE – Quietly had one of the best all around performances. Caught the ball well in traffic, ran good routes and was aggressive getting off of press coverage.

18 Dominque Parker, Tampa Bay Tech 2012 OL – Monster with solid technique. Very aggressive in 1 on 1s. Won the majority of his battles.

19 Demetrius Page, Robinson 2013 LB – Who? Exactly what we were thinking. But, Page showed good hips and change of direction. Understood when to attack the ball carrier and when to come under control in open space. Solid day for the Robinson Knight.