Titan-Sized Shoes To Fill

Tampa, FL – The Tampa Bay Tech Titans Football Program has certainly come a long way under the guidance of C.C. Culpepper. Today one era has ended, while another has begun when Culpepper decided to follow Doug Williams to Grambling and appointed Defensive Coordinator Jayson Roberts to his dream job; for the time being anyway.

“I’m hoping it’s permanent,” said the Interim Coach of the Titans who understands that there is still a process involved in looking for his mentor’s successor. Still, Roberts is full of excitement and pride in his current situation. “I’m really just still taking in the whole fact that I have my dream job [at least for the time being]”

With the Spring Season rapidly approaching, the Head Titan knows he’s got a lot of work to do, but realizes there’s not much of a difference needed in his approach to the team as compared to his former Boss.  When asked about any potential obstacles in the transition phase, Roberts was very candid about any potential changes to the Titan’s signature Triple-Option attack.  “I really haven’t had a chance to meet with the staff, so I can’t say for certain yet, but I don’t expect to deviate much from who we are.”

Tech still has Offensive Coordinator Daryl Stewart calling the shots on that side of the ball. This shoud help keep things on course as far as keeping the players on their offseason schedules as effeciently as possible, something that Roberts plans on implementing as if nothing had even happened.

“We will follow the same plans we had before today. Just developing our guys and competing in spring ball to evaluate where we are as a team.”

No matter what happens in the future, Roberts certainly feels as though he’s qualified to run a program that he’s given his heart and soul to these past few years. “I prepared for this through watching how C.C. went about building a program. Seeing how much he worked and dedicated himself to the kids. I tried to model my coaching after that. More than anything paying attention to detail as well.”

If Roberts is allowed to carry this type of work ethic and discipline to the Fall, then we could possibly remember these Titans as District Champions.