Thirsty Thursday: The 5 Things You Need To Know For October 3, 2019

It’s HSFB aka Friday Night Lights Eve, while the NFL (for whatever reason at this point) officially gets us started with the Rams at Seahawks.

  1. THINK FAST: Speaking of the NFL, this one was too good to pass up. Shortly after the Texans lost at home to the Panthers last Sunday, Deshaun Watson took to the podium for his customary postgame Q&A. What transpired after a beat reporter asked a rather open-ended question is what we’re interested in. Forget about all of the things he says in this piece, simply try and process it all in less than 2 seconds. And you wonder why they get paid what they get paid. Nicely done, Mr. Watson.

2. Don’t Mess With The Sheriff: Peyton Manning got the nickname “The Sheriff” for a reason. In this little ditty from the Pat McAfee Show, he tells the story of when he was a member of the Colts and what happened when Austin Collie (as a rookie) tried to make a one-handed catch. IT IS WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR TIME. Please check it out:

3. NOW WE ARE TALKING: Just when you thought we weren’t going to talk about the 2-ton elephant in the room, think again. Well make that one of two large beasts since this isn’t about Plant. Rather, we are talking about the State of Florida getting into the fray with the pay-for-likeness legislation craze that’s about to sweep the nation. Keep in mind this; folks were clamoring about the competitive balance being out of whack because of an exodus to the left coast to get paid. Well, not so fast–and here’s why. As soon as those young men that have grown up in state’s with no income tax finally get the wakeup call that Cali provides, they’ll be right back where they started. Enter a state with no income tax. Enter, Florida. There’s a metric ton of issues to iron out before anything gets done, but this is a movie we are about to be first-in-line with a tractor-trailer full of popcorn:

4. First, Mike Leach, then Gardner Minshew, then THIS: Please be advised we are about to pull the emergency brake going 75mph for a brief moment. The reason why? Well, before we were known for tourism and growing athletes, we were known for fruit. And guess what researchers at Washington State University and the University of Florida have done? They might have found a cure for greening. Sit back and read about science being cool. This is big news, folks.

5. UCF BY 9TD’s? Oh okay, well, this isn’t about a prediction. Well, maybe it is. Take a look at University of Cincinnati’s football team working out to UCF’s unofficial fight song, “Sandstorm”. The reason why we are worried about UC’s potential fate is that if they can’t get on-beat or in-rhythm to this simplistic and monotonous tone, then how do we expect them to execute other phases that require rhythm and timing? You be the judge.