The Secret No More: Dakarai Allen, Largo

36 catches, 574 receiving yards, averaging 57.4 yards per game…those numbers belong to Largo receiver Dakarai Allen. Most of Pinellas County knows about Jonathan Crawford and Donavan Hale. But when Dakaria Allen is the beast than jumps out after the top dogs. The 6-1 junior receiver leads the team in receptions and receiving yards. We had the privilege of talking to Allen and recorded a short Q&A.

What have you learned this year from the season class?
Allen: This year I learned that you have to stay focused. Focused on what’ s in front of you. Also that putting the work in on and off the field is the biggest thing just like playing together as a team, not individually, because when you play as a team, you get things done!

Which senior has been the most influential?
I would say Jonathan Crawford influenced me a huge bit this year because he plays the same position as me and he taught me some things to better myself as an athlete.

Where do you stand amongst the top 2016 prospects?
As of last year, most people didn’t really know me. This year I had to make a name for myself and I feel I did exactly that in the class of 2016.

What improvements this offseason will take your game to the next level?
I plan on putting on weight and getting in better shape. Working on my strength and conditioning to stand out as an athlete.