The Ignite Blowup, LBs and the Bonus

Shaquille Griffin, Lakewood, CB, 2013

The LBs

Anthony Davis, 2014, West Port
Won top defensive honors taking home over all defensive MVP and a trip to the US Army Combine. Davis size and excellent speed was on display during the 1 on 1’s.

Isaac Tanner, 2013, Freedom
Also won honors as top LB in his class. Isaac has all the size, speed, and athleticism to play at the next level. Tanner was a man out there. He seems to have that natural leader vibe to him as well. He took over the group during individual workouts and had the others competing and working hard. None had much success against him during 1on1s.

Jamari Cord, 2013, Gaither
Showed he will be force to be reckoned with this season. He showed superior cover skills and great upper body strength jamming running backs off the line of scrimmage.

Other Linebackers displaying notable skills:
Keshawn Forte, 2013, Plant City
Rodney McSwain, 2013, Chamberlain

RBs who impressed the LB coaches
As far as the RBs the LBs were going against, the top 3 on the grass field were Matt Breida from Nature Coast-torched some guys, also had a LB try to jam him and Breida got his hands on the inside of the guys chest and put him on his butt; Wesley Bullock from Plant- love his shiftiness, nice little competitor and Brandon Byrd from East Bay- showed good hands and quickness

The Bonus
Chase Litton, Wharton, QB, 2014
QB with most college potential there. Polite, coachable, good size, great arm strength but has all the tools.

Pete Dinovo, East Lake, QB, 2013
Best technical QB there and probably strongest arm; made every type of throw and showed confidence and leadership.

Tracy Johnson, Lakewood, QB, 2013
Kid can spin the ball! Needs work on some footwork, but made every type of throw and thrived on competition.

Alex McGough, Gaither, 2014, QB
Real simple…he has a chance to be real good!

Tristan Hyde, Strawberry Crest, 2015, QB
Small in size, but the kid can wing it…tight spirals, accurate, confident. Hopefully, he’ll hit a growth spurt.

Aaron Banks, Plant, 2013, QB
Stood out among the 3 Plant QBs

Cody Crouse, Bloomingdale, 2013, QB
Sleeper! Will be one of the best next season

On the outside
Troy Olmo, Clearwater Central Catholic
Looked great. Physical, runs good routes, sure-handed.

Artavious Scott, East Lake, 2014, WR
Real Deal

Josh Hyde, Strawberry Crest, 2014, WR
Might have been the best route runner there. Caught everything that was thrown at him and had some speed.

Vernon Hargreaves, Wharton, 2013, ATH
Great speed and was sure handed. He and Litton had great chemistry.

Direct Quote from QB coach
“I’m still going to rave about the DE from Crest [Jarrett Gretebeck, 2013]. That kid can be the real deal.
Loved Robert Davis from CDS. Wish we had him 🙂 East Lake has some serious talent and some hogs up front! Lakewood is LOADED! Loved the twins [Shaquille and Shaquem Griffin], they killed people in 1on1’s. Crest and Bloomingdale have some talent too. LB from Ocala [Anthony Davis, 2014, West Port] is going to be a beast”.