The Big Unknown: DJ Mann, River Ridge

The title made you look right? It is some what true. Outside of Pasco County, DJ Mann is not a household name. But could be in due time. If not familiar with this young man, allow us to briefly introduce you.

DJ Mann is a junior athlete who started on both sides of the ball last season: 271 yards rushing, 166 yard receiving, 794 all-purpose yards on offense and special teams. On the other side of the ball, Mann secured 62 total tackles, 2 interceptions and 4 total touchdowns. Those numbers will surely double this season as man broke out late in 2016. Now the cat is out the bag and so is the talent.

We are unsure what position Mann falls in. He could be an all county running back. Easy to see him totaling 800 yards receiving this season if River Ridge wanted to put more emphasis on the passing game. At the high school level he could dominate at linebacker utilizing his speed and aggression. Ultimately he might be better suited in the secondary with his sweet feet, great hips and explosion.

DJ Mann is a college football prospect. He is not yet under recruited. He is not yet under rated. This season Mann will pop as his talent will be exposed. Next year this time, the tone will be different. The name will be bigger, the numbers and film will support our stance. Take at look at “younger” DJ during his sophomore campaign.